Mike Schiavo “The Voice” Audition Video: Watch Duet With Adam Levine!

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Mike Schiavo Voice Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Mike Schiavo Voice Audition Video


Mike Schiavo sang a duet with Adam Levine on “The Voice” season 10 premiere on Monday. Check out the video below!

The 21-year-old recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue music, revealing Maroon 5’s Songs About Jane was the first album he ever purchased. Surprisingly, though, he chose to go a different route for his bind audition. Schiavo opted to perform a guitar-driven version of Tove Lo’s “Talking Body.”

Adam Levine and Pharrell hit their buttons almost immediately, with Blake Shelton turning around towards the end. All three men gave Schiavo a standing ovation, and Pharrell told him, “We’ve been waiting a long time for someone like you to come across the stage today.” Shiavo admitted Maroon 5 is one of his favorite bands, and name-checked “She Will Be Loved” as his top track.

Christina Aguilera then told Levine, “You should sing that with him and seal the deal.” The front man was game and went on stage for an impromptu acoustic performance. Schiavo played the guitar as he and Levine traded off lines, an incredible moment most people will only ever get to dream of having.

Levine praised the contestant afterward, saying, “The effortlessness with which you got that all done, you’re a total natural.” Pharrell, though, was hoping Schiavo would suddenly get “amnesia” and forget the amazing thing that just happened. And Blake Shelton hilariously deadpanned, “Hi. My name is Blake. I was the other coach that pushed my button for you. You didn’t grow up listening to my music.”

Pharrell even amusingly said, “Don’t allow yourself to be Marooned!” But everyone knew where Schiavo’s loyalties lay. After being chosen, coach Levine quipped, “You made the right choice.” It was actually the first time the superstar ever sang with a contestant during an audition like that. Watch below!


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