Mike Comrie Will NOT Be Charged With Rape

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Mike Comrie Rape Case Dismissed

By Shari Weiss |

Mike Comrie Rape Case Dismissed

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Mike Comrie will not be charged with rape, according to a report. The sexual assault case involving the hockey player is reportedly not progressing to prosecution due to reasonable doubt.

As Gossip Cop reported, a rape investigation targeting Comrie was started in Februay after a woman filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department. The unidentified woman was friends with the former hockey player and went to his home with another female. After Comrie hooked up with that female and she left, he and the woman had their own sexual encounter.

The woman maintained it was consensual until Comrie forcibly initiated anal sex, to which she objected. The woman contended the athlete rejected her pleas to stop and became aggressive, choking her during the sex act and insisting he was in control. But the purported victim acknowledged to police that she stayed to shower and then engaged in consensual sex with Comrie again. However, she says he again became violent, allegedly slapping her face.

She then used her phone to record audio of herself accusing him of sexual assault right then and there, which he denied. The woman sought medical help, and a laceration was found near the anus. But it was undetermined whether the laceration was the result of a consensual act or a forced one. As Gossip Cop previously reported, Comrie insisted there was consent for the entirety of the hookup.

Now TMZ reports that after reviewing the phone audio, the medical reports and the woman’s own statements, investigators have concluded there is reasonable doubt as to whether what took place qualifies as rape, as Comrie believed he had consent. With insufficient evidence, Comrie will not be charged with any crime. That said, the accuser could still file a civil lawsuit against the star, who has a young son with ex-wife Hilary Duff.

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