Michelle Williams: I Have My Own “Dawson’s Creek” Reunions (VIDEO)

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Michelle Williams Reunion Dawson's Creek Today Show

By Shari Weiss |

Michelle Williams Reunion Dawson's Creek Today Show


Michelle Williams is skeptical an official “Dawson’s Creek” reunion will come to fruition, but revealed on Monday’s “Today” that she often has her own. Check out the video below!

Williams was on the NBC morning show to discuss her latest turn on the Broadway stage, starring opposite Jeff Daniels in the play Blackbird. But as has become cliche with every interview, the live sit-down naturally included a “Dawson’s Creek” reunion question. Savanah Guthrie said toward the end of the chat, “People have been talking about a ‘Dawson’s Creek’ reunion,’ which I don’t know how you feel about, but also how would your character come back?”

“I died,” Williams amusingly exclaimed about the tear-jerking 2003 series finale. “I would have to come back as a ghost, or put a lot of filters on the camera and I’ll do flashback scenes.” But the actress stated, “I’ve heard — I think it’s a fun thing to sort of imagine. I like imagining it. But I haven’t really heard anybody say anything like actually serious about that happening.”

Williams then revealed, “We make little ‘Dawson’s Creek’ reunions. Sometimes I’ll see Mary Beth Peil, who played my Grams, and Busy [Philipps, Audrey], and we have like little mini reunions. But I guess they’re sort of private!” Watch the full interview below.


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