Michelle Pfeiffer Did NOT Drop Out Of “Sex And The City 3,” Despite Report

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Michelle Pfeiffer Sex and the City

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Michelle Pfeiffer Sex and the City

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Michelle Pfeiffer did not drop out of Sex And the City 3. There wasn’t a Sex And The City 3 in the first place. Gossip Cop can exclusively set the record straight.

Cindy Chupack, a writer and producer who worked on “Sex And The City,” was recently embroiled in a lawsuit over an apartment she planned to rent in New York City while working on a movie starring Pfeiffer. But when the production was axed, Chupack no longer needed the Manhattan residence and sued over the return of her deposit. But seemingly based purely on her past association with “SATC,” the Daily Mail has jumped to the conclusion that the canceled project was a third movie and Pfeiffer is the reason it didn’t move forward.

“EXCLUSIVE: Blame it on Michelle Pfeiffer! No, it wasn’t Sarah Jessica Parker or Kim Cattrall who put the kibosh on Sex and the City 3 – it was the elusive Pfeiffer who dropped out of a starring role at the last minute,” exclaims the tabloid. The British paper contends the “production fell apart” when the actress “decided to opt out of the movie.”

But Chupack never said in her lawsuit that the film in question was another Sex And The City sequel with Pfeiffer in a leading role. The U.K. outlet even acknowledges that the court documents don’t directly link Pfeiffer to such a project, and instead merely states she was “connected to a unspecified starring role.” But that role was not for Sex And The City 3. And, grasping at straws, the tabloid tries to emphasize Pfeiffer’s connections to Sarah Jessica Parker, noting they were both in the film New Year’s Eve and currently star in separate HBO projects. That doesn’t change anything, however.

HBO Films never had a Sex And The City 3 in the works, with or without Pfeiffer. Sources at the company exclusively tells Gossip Cop the paper’s contentions are “untrue.” A Warner Bros. rep further tells Gossip Cop, “There is no truth to this story.” It’s also worth noting that less than six months ago, “Sex And The City” producer Michael Patrick King exclusively told Gossip Cop “there is no script” for a third movie and “no deals” with any stars. That means it’s impossible for Pfeiffer to have “dropped out” of the production “at the last minute.”