Michelle Obama “Weight Gain” Report Is Shameful

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Michelle Obama Weight Gain

By Shari Weiss |

Michelle Obama Weight Gain

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A report highlighting Michelle Obama’s supposed weight gain is shameful. It’s also wrong, insulting, and not even original.

On Friday, RadarOnline blared in a headline, “95LB Weight Gain! Michelle Obama Binge Eating Over Wild Child Malia, Sources Claim.” The accompanying story says, “Michelle Obama is leaving the White House 95lbs heavier! The new issue of The National Enquirer claims the First Lady’s waistline is exploding.” Yes, the widely-discredited webloid is picking up a report from its disreputable sister publication.

This “weight gain” tale was the cover story of the supermarket tabloid this week, with it being outrageously said President Obama had issued a “diet or divorce” ultimatum, a claim Gossip Cop debunked within hours of its publication on Wednesday. Now, in a body-shaming photo gallery, RadarOnline says, “President Barack Obama’s wife looks completely unrecognizable at a shocking weight of 257lbs!” The site goes on to ask, “Will Barack leave his wife because of her unhealthy lifestyle?”

Enough. It’s bad enough when these bottom-feeding outlets write mean-spirited stories about the bodies of Hollywood stars. But these cruel reports about the First Lady represent a new low.

Everyone knows Obama prides herself on her healthy, not Unhealthy, lifestyle, and her fit figure was on display this summer at the Democratic National Convention (see photo above) and other public events. The webloid didn’t do its own reporting here, but is merely regurgitating a wrong report. What makes it worse, though, is the level of disrespect involved.

Obama is and will remain a role model for many. The same can’t be said of RadarOnline and the National Enquirer.

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Michelle Obama is drastically gaining weight.


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