Michelle Obama “Nude Photo Leak” Story Is Shameful April Fools’ Joke

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Michelle Obama Nude Photos

By Shari Weiss |

Michelle Obama Nude Photos


MediaTakeOut is responsible for a shameful April Fools’ joke. On Saturday, the outlet is trying to trick readers into thinking nude photos of Michelle Obama have been leaked by Russian hackers.

On the webloid’s homepage, a (clothed) picture of the former First Lady is featured with the headline, “MTO SUPER SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Nude Pics Of Former First Lady Michelle Obama Are Leaked… ALLEGEDLY By Russian Hackers!!” See screengrab at right and below, which also shows the post is touted as “graphic.” Upon clicking the story, the same photo and headline appear. And the article begins, “Russian Hackers are being blamed for STEALING the US presidential election. Now they’re being accused of something far more scandlaous [sic] — leaking pics of former first lady Michelle Obama.”

The disreputable and often disgusting site then exclaims, “April Fools… Ha Got YA!!” There are no leaked nude photos and there never were. This is a disturbing prank on several levels. While Gossip Cop busts fake news every day, we realize some publications like to engage in April Fool’s Day shenanigans. But it is particularly reprehensible, not to mention gross, to use Obama in this manner.

It is not only tasteless, but also disrespectful. No one, but particularly a First Lady, deserves to be part of such a sick joke. This clickbait also minimizes the seriousness of two legitimate issues. There is a very real investigation into Russian hacking going on right now in the U.S. And as Gossip Cop has noted, a number of celebrities have had their privacy violated recently after hackers stole and leaked naked pictures of various stars.

This stunt trivializes both of those situations, on top of victimizing Obama, as if it is all something at which to laugh. Ostensibly, it could be argued that the problem isn’t with MediaFakeOut, but all those who clicked to see a story about nude pics of the one-time First Lady. But this fake content never should’ve been posted in the first place when it had no basis in reality, even on a day like April Fool’s. This is a new low for a site that seems to sink lower and lower all the time.

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