Michelle Obama, Jimmy Fallon Video: Watch First Lady’s Last “Tonight Show” Interview

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Michelle Obama Jimmy Fallon Video

By Shari Weiss |

Michelle Obama Jimmy Fallon Video

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Michelle Obama appeared on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show,” marking her last sit-down with Jimmy Fallon as First Lady. Watch the video below!

Obama has made a number of memorable appearances with Fallon on “Late Night” and “The Tonight Show” during her husband’s presidency. That includes joining Fallon for “Ew!” in 2014 and, in 2015, doing “The Evolution Of Mom Dancing,” part two. Both clips went viral and are some of the program’s most-beloved videos on YouTube.

Now, for her final time hanging out with Fallon as FLOTUS, Obama had a typical chat with the host. The First Lady thanked Fallon for helping her promote her initiatives over the years. She also said it’s been “surprisingly emotional for all of us,” as the family prepares to leave the White House. Obama added, “We’re really cleaning out.” She noted as well how great it was to have her mom live with them in the White House. Next, Fallon showed photos from her husband’s presidency, including a shot from after his first inauguration, and a picture of the President standing by the Washington monument next to someone dressed in a big bunny outfit.

Fallon and the First Lady also discussed some of the programs she’s implemented, including healthy school lunches. She expressed that she hopes that’s not changed. Obama also said she and her family will be as “supportive” as possible to the Trump administration, and always available to them.

Obama and Fallon had plenty of fun, too. In one bit, they teamed up for “Thank You Notes,” which is one of Fallon’s recurring sketches. This time, though, they were all tied to the First Family’s time in office. Obama thanked her husband for not being a “lame duck,” but instead a “silver fox.” The “Tonight Show” host thanked the First Lady for the “right to bear arms,” as he showed a picture of her well-toned arms. He also thanked her for promoting exercise, and suggested, “How about running for President?”

And in another segment, Obama joined Fallon, Jerry Seinfeld (in a tux!) and Dave Chappelle for a game of Catchphrase. The two stand-up comedians, along with Stevie Wonder, had been brought out as special guests during the broadcast. Wonder serenaded Obama by singing “Isn’t She Lovely” and “My Cherie Amour,” with special lyrics. Also during the show, Obama surprised unsuspecting fans who had no idea she’d be coming out to greet them. They thought they were recording messages of thanks to the First Lady, but then she emerged from behind a curtain to hug them and offer kind words.

Obama’s farewell appearance on “The Tonight Show” came just one night after President Obama gave his Farewell Address. As Gossip Cop reported, his speech included an emotional tribute to the First Lady. But it was more laughs than tears with Fallon. Gossip Cop has all the videos below!

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