Michael Strahan Regrets Leaving “Live,” Miserable At “GMA”?

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Michael Strahan Regrets Leaving Live

By Shari Weiss |

Michael Strahan Regrets Leaving Live

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Michael Strahan regrets leaving “Live” and is miserable at “GMA”? That’s the rumor making the rounds lately. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

“GOODBYE ‘GMA’? Michael Strahan Worried He Can’t Get His ‘Live’ Seat Back From Kelly Ripa,” reads a headline from RadarOnline, which claims he “deeply regrets ever leaving her show” and is “miserable at his new gig.” It’s specifically alleged, “He regrets the move. He regrets leaving the show, and wishes he could get back on TV with Kelly.”

“It was the best job in show business,” continues the outlet. “He was a co-host with his name in the title. Now he’s just one of five people hosting ‘Good Morning America,’ and his name is not even in the title. It was a terrible mistake. He regrets it.”

RadarOnline, however, fails to mention an important, obvious fact: Strahan knew exactly what he was leaving behind and exactly what he was getting himself into. Prior to joining the morning show full-time, he was a member of the “GMA” team on a part-time basis. He knew he’d now be part of a group of anchors, and was well aware that neither his name, nor anyone else’s, would be in the program’s title.

Strahan is getting the experience he signed up for. But, for some reason, American Media is dead-set on trying to make these allegations stick. The National Enquirer was the first to claim earlier this month that Strahan was “begging” to return to “Live.”

Days later, sister publication Star ran its own version of the same story. And now here is their sister outlet, RadarOnline, trying to peddle the same, debunked claims for a third time. Well, three wrongs still don’t make a right, and this latest article is just as off-base as the previous ones.

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Michael Strahan regrets leaving “Live” and is miserable at “GMA.”


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