Michael Strahan “Looking Forward” To Working With Alex Rodriguez At ABC

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Michael Strahan Alex Rodriguez ABC

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Michael Strahan Alex Rodriguez ABC

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Alex Rodriguez is joining ABC, and Gossip Cop hears no one could be happier or “looking forward more” than fellow athlete Michael Strahan. As it was recently reported, Rodriguez has signed on to be an ABC News contributor, and is set appear from time-to-time on “Good Morning America,” “Nightline,” and “World News Tonight.” The former Yankees star will do segments and comment on finance, fitness and family-related stories. An accomplished entrepreneur, Rodriguez is also slated to appear next season on ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

And welcoming the baseball legend to the network, we’re told, is Strahan, who similarly transitioned from sports to talk show host (with Kelly Ripa) to now a news anchor. A mutual friend of ours and Strahan leaks to Gossip Cop, “Michael is looking forward to having Alex as part of the ‘GMA’ team. In fact, they have several other projects they are doing together.” In addition to working together at ABC, Strahan is producing a show on CNBC called “Back In The Game,” and Rodriguez is the series’ host. Basically, Rodriguez will help an athlete who’s fallen on hard financial times get back on his feet or create a business.

Of course, Gossip Cop has been around long enough to know that unreliable blogs and disreputable tabloids will undoubtedly try to manufacture a phony feud between the two New York sports heroes. Generally, when one celebrity is announced to be joining another star, the gossip magazines start spinning reports about (untrue) drama behind-the-scenes. So sadly, we won’t be surprised if there are fake news stories filled with made-up quotes from unnamed sources about how Strahan is supposedly upset by Rodriguez’s arrival or is battling the baseball player for scoops. Regardless, from what Gossip Cop hears from a mutual pal and network sources, Strahan is pretty pumped about Rodriguez joining the ABC team.

In addition to being athletes turned TV personalities, Strahan and Rodriguez have also both been the subject of a slew of inaccurate reports. Gossip Cop recently busted a magazine report that falsely alleged Strahan was feuding with Robin Roberts at “GMA. As we noted, the reality is the two anchors get along great. And just a week ago, Gossip Cop corrected a tabloid cover story that wrongly maintained Jennifer Lopez was pregnant with Rodriguez’s baby boy. Much like those articles and many others about Strahan and Rodriguez, there’s often a lot of fabricated drama, yet zero truth to the claims.

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