Michael Strahan And Kelly Ripa Awkwardly Joke About His Last Day Being “Friday The 13th” – WATCH VIDEO

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Michael Strahan Last Day Friday 13th Video

By Shari Weiss |

Michael Strahan Last Day Friday 13th Video


Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa shared an awkward laugh about his upcoming last day on “Live,” joking on Tuesday’s show about how his final episode will air on “Friday The 13th.” Watch below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, it was revealed last week that Strahan will be leaving the show on May 13, months earlier than originally planned after he blindsided Ripa with the news of his departure. And the two never discussed his exit date on-air until today’s episode, when she announced, “A week from Friday is Michael’s final show here at ‘Live.'”

That led to a lot of aw-ing from the audience, as well as some boos. Strahan kept a smile on his face, while Ripa’s seemed to express something like, “See! What did you expect?!” The tension was broken but perhaps made even more awkward when an audience member yelled out, “We still love you, Kelly!”

“Oh, thanks,” a surprised Ripa answered, before deadpanning, “No, no — I’m still here.” Strahan appeared particularly taken aback by the shout-out for his co-host.

Ripa went on to tell her soon-to-be-former colleague, “We’ll remember, we’ll reminisce, we’re gonna look back at the fun times we had together. Wait til you see all the stuff that we’ve done. You’re not gonna believe it.” But she could hardly keep it together as she wrapped up, saying, “So, join us for Michael’s ‘Flashback Friday Farewell’ on Friday the 13th!”

At that point, Ripa completely lost it and cracked up. Strahan quipped, “Good thing 13 is my lucky number!” Ripa then pointedly added, “You can’t plan this!” Check out the video below.


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