Michael Strahan NOT “Causing Mayhem” At “GMA,” Despite Report

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Michael Strahan GMA Feud

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Michael Strahan GMA Feud

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Michael Strahan is not “causing mayhem” at “GMA,” despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the story, which amounts to little more than a hit piece.

“Michael Causes Mayhem At ‘GMA,'” reads the headline in the new issue of In Touch, which asserts, “The backstage drama gets even worse at ‘Good Morning America’ as Michael Strahan clashes with his colleagues.” The story kicks off by describing an allegedly “heated incident” between Strahan and a feuding Robin Roberts, with a photo published to back up the claim. But Gossip Cop has already addressed this particular picture, which was not taken during an off-air fight between the co-anchors but during an on-air debate about Super Bowl predictions.

The tabloid is now manipulating the context of the snapshot to claim Strahan is not only feuding with Roberts, something Gossip Cop busted when In Touch first ran the allegation back in February, but also the rest of the “GMA” crew. “He acts like he is the star of the show,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying. “It’s an epic battle of egos. Both Robin and George [Stephanopoulos] want off the show. Lara [Spencer] is fed up, too, but she just wants to keep her job. It truly is a dysfunctional family.”

The piece goes on to allege Spencer “feels like she’s been cast to the side,” with her would-be interviews now going to Strahan. Contends the publication’s purported tipster, “He is demanding more camera time and it’s really upsetting everyone on set… He’s very much the alpha and exerts his influence with the bosses.” The supposed source adds, “Michael may have the biggest [ego] of all. I only see things getting worse before they get better.”

But contrary to the assertion that Strahan has “managed to alienate all his co-stars,” the group is actually a fairly tight-knit bunch. They conduct joint interviews together almost every morning, and Strahan and Roberts have even shared adoring messages with each other on social media. It’s nearly a year since the former NFL player’s controversial exit from “Live,” but the tabloids are still pushing a false narrative depicting Strahan as an egotistical monster.

The dynamic has certainly shifted with Strahan’s presence on “GMA,” just as it would if anyone joined the cast. The notion, however, that he is currently fueling all this upheaval is false. A rep for the morning show exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “The whole thing is untrue,” and stresses the claim about Roberts and Stephanopoulos wanting off the show is simply wrong.

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