Michael Sam Slammed For Tweeting Major “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Spoiler

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Michael Sam Slammed Star Wars Spoiler

By Shari Weiss |

Michael Sam Slammed Star Wars Spoiler

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Michael Sam is getting slammed for tweeting a MAJOR Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoiler.

On Friday afternoon, the former NFL player posted a tweet that contained a major plot twist. He was immediately blasted by hundreds of followers, who called him out for essentially ruining the movie. Gossip Cop will not be re-posting the message here, although the key storyline detail in question is easily searchable online for those who wish to be spoiled.

As Sam faced a strong backlash, he initially attempted to defend himself by arguing that the spoiler was “already out there.” He ultimately deleted his original tweet, however, and posted, “#oops.” The football player, who has 251,000 followers, went on to offer a few individual apologies.

He insisted to one follower, though, that he “didn’t ruin the entire movie,” and when one person called him a “piece of trash,” Sam simply replied, “Thank you.” That said, a Seattle sports radio host wrote to the former college star, “I’m going to guess you’re taking a lot of heat for this tweet.” And Sam acknowledged, “You bet your ass I am.”

Of course, the spoiler Sam revealed has been circulating on social media since Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiered earlier this week, and some trolls have even been tweeting it to strangers who have expressed a desire to remain spoiler-free. Some have suggested staying off Twitter and Facebook until seeing the film, which, as Gossip Cop reported, is set to have the biggest opening weekend of all time. Tell us what you think of the controversy with Sam below.


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