Michael Phelps On Fatherhood And Baby Boomer – Watch “GMA” Video

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Michael Phelps Fatherhood Baby GMA Video

By Shari Weiss |

Michael Phelps Fatherhood Baby GMA Video


Michael Phelps opened up about his “daddy duties” in an interview broadcast on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America.” Watch below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Phelps and Nicole Johnson welcomed baby boy Boomer in May. Both fiancée and son sat in the stands to watch him compete last week in Rio. And while the most decorated Olympian of all time added five more gold medals (and a silver!) to his collection, it’s been a very different experience.

“GMA” correspondent T.J. Holmes pointed out the unusual sight of seeing Phelps around the games with a baby seat. The swimmer responded with a smile, “I was walking out with my backpack on one shoulder, the baby’s backpack on the other shoulder, the car seat in one hand. So daddy duties are on me. It’s something I’m happy about, and proud of.”

Phelps went to share, “When I got out of the warm-up pool for the last time, to get ready to go out to the blocks, I have the white shoes that I’ve worn pretty much every finals. In the left foot, there’s a footprint of [his] inside of the shoe. I put my shoe on, and I looked down at it, and I started to get emotional. Because I knew he was in the stands.”

Despite this new parenting journey, Holmes also wanted to know if there was any chance of coaxing him back into the games, despite Phelps saying he was “done” with the Olympics. Check out his response in the video below.


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