Michael Moore: “Who Wouldn’t Vote For Tom Hanks For President?” – Watch “The View” Video

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Michael Moore said on “The View” on Thursday that Democrats should run a celebrity in the 2020 presidential election. He even suggested Tom Hanks and other stars. Watch the video below.

Moore began his appearance on the ABC talk show by stressing that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, and it was the “archaic” electoral college that prevented her from actually becoming president. He went on to say, “We need to run a beloved American in 2020.” That led Whoopi Goldberg to hilariously interject and exclaim, “No, I won’t!”

But Moore actually didn’t think that was such a bad idea, telling her, “You run and Michelle Obama as your running mate!” When Jedediah Bila questioned whether Donald Trump has proven that celebrity isn’t enough to govern, he responded, “The celebrities on our side, first of all, are smart. If we ran Al Franken, ran Tom Hanks — who wouldn’t vote for Tom Hanks for president of the United States? C’mon! Or Oprah!”

Bila, however, pushed back. “No. I’ll tell you who,” she told the activist filmmaker. “Many Americans feel that those celebrities are out of touch. A lot of people would tell you ‘they don’t understand my needs.'” Moore retorted, “Wrong. We’re on TV right now. Americans love celebrities.” And Goldberg backed him up.

“It’s very clear that America loves celebrities, ’cause that’s why they voted for him,” she said of Trump. “They thought they knew him. They believed that that was his office. Listen, I talked to as many of these voters as you have. They believed he was actually in his office [doing business]. My face fell off!”

Bila responded, “But as a businessman, they looked at him, even his television show, he looked like that savvy businessman.” She then said to Moore, “Look, hey I want you to run celebrities. I’m a conservative. I don’t want them to win. I don’t want the Democrats to win.” He then declared, “We’re gonna win with Oprah!” Of course, as of now, Oprah has no intention of running, and Tom Hanks running for president seems to just be an “SNL” joke. Check out “The View” video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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