Michael J. Fox NOT “Preparing To Die,” Despite Report

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Michael J Fox Dying

By Andrew Shuster |

Michael J Fox Dying

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Michael J. Fox is NOT “preparing to die,” despite a disgusting and false tabloid report. The actor himself has refuted the claim, calling the story “disturbing and total B.S.”

According to Globe, the actor has supposedly “refused life-saving surgery,” and accepted “he has no hope of halting the terrifying ravage of crippling Parkinson’s disease.” The supermarket tabloid goes on to falsely assert, “With the tremors increasing, his bones buckling and facing possible dementia and Alzheimer’s… [Fox] realizes his future is bleak.”

The magazine further quotes a seemingly phony source as saying, “Michael knows this is a losing battle for him. Every day it gets worse. His body is failing him.” But there’s no truth whatsoever to the publication’s mean-spirited and shameful report. On Friday, the actor tweeted, “Recent story in the Globe re my health and state of mind went viral. Disturbing and total B.S.”

For its part, Globe, which is a sister publication of RadarOnline, Star, the National Enquirer and OK!, has since issued a retraction and apologized for the completely inaccurate claim about Fox’s health status. The tabloid’s mea culpa, which is on Fox’s Twitter page, reads, “Mr. Fox continues to live a fulfilling, successful life and to be an optimistic beacon of unflagging hope and inspiration for people living with challenges of Parkinson’s.” The magazine also expressed regret for “any implication to the contrary.”

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Michael J. Fox is preparing to die.


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