Michael Fassbender is not quitting Hollywood to become a full-time race car driver, despite baseless speculation from an unreliable website. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the bogus theory. He's never said he's switching gears professionally and we're also told Fassbender isn't giving up acting.

On Tuesday, Naughty Gossip copy and pasted sections of a Hollywood Reporter article covering Fassbender's participation in the 2018 Daytona Ferrari Challenge. The blog didn't do any actual reporting of its own, but instead plagiarized the trade publication's story and tacked on the headline, "Has Michael Fassbender given up Hollywood to be a full-time race car driver?" But nowhere in the magazine's article, which includes an interview with the actor himself, does it suggest he's switching careers for good.

The gossip website, which doesn't have a single source to back up its speculative headline, seems to have come up with the premise simply because Fassbender is now trying his hand at professional racing. However, the actor himself notes in his interview with THR that his career as an actor is what's afforded him the opportunity to pursue his passion. "It's one of the things about the job that I do that's a huge perk," Fassbender said in regard to his celebrity status making it easier for him to get into the world of racing.

In addition to the blog's article being based on absolutely noting, it's also provably false. Fassbender starts shooting the action-comedy Kung Fury 2 in September, so he's not giving up acting anytime soon. Meanwhile, the actor is reprising the role of Magneto in the upcoming superhero sequel X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which hits theaters in February, so he'll also be busy promoting that film next year.

Conclusion: Naughty Gossip stole passages from a Hollywood Reporter article and then attached its own purely speculative headline to it. The magazine's story simply consists of an interview with Fassbender about his participation in this year's Daytona Ferrari Challenge. At no point in the piece does he or the reporter even broach the subject of him giving up acting. The blog's report amounts to nothing more than a theoretical headline based on nothing.

In fact, when Fassbender does reference his acting career in the interview, he does so by pointing out that Hollywood stardom paved the way for him to race cars professionally. And finally, the actor's upcoming schedule, which includes a movie shoot in September and a promotional tour in February, definitively proves he's not quitting Hollywood. On top of all that, a source close to the actor tells Gossip Cop on background that Fassbender has no plans to give up acting.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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