RadarOnline Shamefully Posts Michael Douglas “Near Death” Story, Despite Rep Denial

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Michael Douglas Dying

By Andrew Shuster |

Michael Douglas Dying

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RadarOnline claims Michael Douglas is “near death,” despite the fact the actor’s rep already told Gossip Cop it is 100 percent NOT true. The webloid seemingly ignored the truth in an effort to publish its sensational and wholly inaccurate story that alleges Douglas’ cancer has “relapsed.” But it’s all a lie.

As Gossip Cop previously last week, Douglas is not dying. His rep exclusively assured us the actor has been “clean” of cancer for five years. Still, RadarOnline knowingly posted a story on Monday that Douglas’ cancer battle is “far from over,” and “the end could be near” for him.

Rather than telling the truth, the webloid instead knowingly rehashed a completely untrue cover story from its sister publication, the National Enquirer, that inexplicably relied on medical diagnoses from doctors who’ve never treated or even met Douglas. Unfathomably, the doctors were shown paparazzi pictures of the actor and (wrongly) theorized about Douglas’ health condition, based on photos.

Much like the already discredited Enquirer story, the webloid regurgitates the supermarket tabloid’s fabricated allegations that Douglas is “suffering from extreme weight loss” and “going blind from radiation treatments.” None of this is true, and in fact, the actor spent the past week skiing in Aspen with his wife and children. Additionally, Douglas, who looked like the picture of health, even posted a Facebook photo of himself hitting the slopes.

Perhaps RadarOnline, which seemingly has zero sources of its own about Douglas, should have copied the true story about him that Gossip Cop posted rather than the Enquirer’s fabrication. The end result now is that the webloid has a story on its site that is irresponsible, disgusting, and provably wrong about Douglas allegedly dying.


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