Whatever Happened To Michael Douglas Having ‘Months’ Left To Live?

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Michael Douglas wearing a gray suit with a black shirt on the red carpet

By Brianna Morton |

Michael Douglas wearing a gray suit with a black shirt on the red carpet

(Getty Images)

A tabloid reported last year that Michael Douglas only had months left to live. Gossip Cop debunked that rumor quite easily at the time. Now, exactly 12 months later, it’s clear that our original judgement is correct, since the actor is very much alive and well.

The Globe reported on March 13, 2019, that Douglas only had months left to live following a supposed cancer relapse. A source told the outlet that the Ant Man star had “dropped a tremendous amount of weight in the last few months,” igniting concerns that his 2010 stage four tongue cancer diagnosis had returned. “He’s incredibly weak and his face is covered in frightening blotches – common signs of cancer treatment,” continued the suspicious tipster.

The alleged insider went on to tell the publication, “He is so gaunt, he almost looks as though he’s already died. Everyone is convinced that his cancer has returned with a vengeance.” Though the tipster doesn’t claim to have any insider medical knowledge of the situation, they concluded, “His appearance is so frightening, people around him are convinced he may have no more than seven months to live.”

Gossip Cop investigated these claims last year and found them to be utterly false. The report depended entirely on the word of an anonymous source. We reached out to Douglas’ spokesperson, who has the authority to speak on the actor’s behalf, and we were told he was “perfectly fine.” A year later, that’s still evidently the case. Douglas’ recent beachy Instagram photo proves it. The tabloid was merely playing on the fears for a beloved actor’s health in order to boost its readership.

This is far from the first time the Globe has published a wrong prediction of a celebrity’s death. Earlier this year, the tabloid claimed friends of Elton John were afraid the singer had “months to live.” An anonymous source told the magazine that John was “mostly confined to a wheelchair” and “has been told to slow down his schedule” or he “could well be dead in six months.”

Gossip Cop looked into this claim and determined it to be false. The 72-year-old singer continued to tour in Australia after the magazine’s piece was published. He also walked across the stage to receive his Oscar for Best Original Song for Rocketman, belying the claim that the legend was wheelchair bound. The morbid story was totally bogus.

Gossip Cop busted the same tabloid for claiming in 2019 that friends of Johnny Depp feared he would be dead by Christmas. Though the story was ridiculous, we checked with an individual in Depp’s camp to be sure. They assured us that no one close to the actor had any such fears. Clearly, this outlet has yet to learn its lesson.


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