Michael Douglas, Son Cameron NOT Mafia Targets, Despite Report

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Michael Douglas Son Cameron Mafia Targets

By Andrew Shuster |

Michael Douglas Son Cameron Mafia Targets

(National Enquirer)

Michael Douglas and his newly-paroled son Cameron Douglas are NOT being targeted by the mafia, despite an absurd tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim. We’re told it’s “ridiculous.”

According to the National Enquirer, Cameron sought protection from an organized crime family while serving his seven-year prison sentence for drug charges. He was released earlier this month to a New York halfway house, but a so-called “source” tells the magazine that Cameron’s alleged gang affiliation could result in his family being “trapped in a mob war.”

After noting “there’s no getting out” of the mafia, the outlet’s “insider” says Cameron could be in danger of violence, blackmail or death if he were to break the code of silence and share his supposed experiences he had within the mob. The publication goes on to theorize that his father Michael and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, and even 99-year-old grandfather Kirk “face a potential living hell and constant danger” over this alleged situation.

The tabloid’s seemingly phony source further claims Zeta-Jones is “absolutely terrified” and has asked her husband to cut ties with Cameron. “The Douglases are at a much higher risk due to their notoriety,” says the magazine’s supposed insider. “Michael is aware of Cameron’s mob predicament and is in agony that his first-born is headed for even more crime.”

Despite how far-fetched this tale sounds, Gossip Cop still investigated, and we’re told by a rep for Douglas that the outlet’s entire saga is made-up and simply “ridiculous.” We’re not surprised since Gossip Cop just debunked another inaccurate claim by the magazine that alleged Cameron was released from prison because his dad is dying. That story was false, as have been the tabloid’s many articles about Michael Douglas supposedly dying of cancer. There’s simply no truth to any of these reports, and the only organization targeting the Douglas family is the Enquirer.

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Michael Douglas’ son is a Mafia target.


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