Michael Douglas NOT Dying, Despite Report

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Michael Douglas Dying

By Michael Lewittes |

(National Enquirer)

Michael Douglas has not had a “cancer relapse,” nor is he on the verge of “dying,” despite a wholly inaccurate tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the disgusting claim. In fact, we’re told the Oscar winner is “clean” of cancer, and has been for five years.

According to the National Enquirer, Douglas is “undergoing emergency treatment for a recurrence of cancer.” And how did the supermarket tabloid come to this information? It says it showed photos of the actor to a few doctors, who have never treated or met Douglas, and asked them their “diagnosis,” based on paparazzi pictures. The magazine also quotes a seemingly fabricated source, who says in beyond fake-sounding language, “Michael’s grief-stricken wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, is now bracing for their final chapter.” The hard-to-believe “insider” dramatically adds, “It couldn’t be more tragic. It’s the end!”

Before launching into the comments from medical practitioners, who’ve never examined Douglas or analyzed his blood work, the tabloid has its supposed source further claiming that the 71-year-old actor is “losing his hair” and “losing his eyesight.” The magazine also cites its late January story that alleged Douglas suffered a “shocking relapse.” Interestingly, this time around, the Enquirer neglected to mention how in its last inaccurate report, which Gossip Cop also exclusively debunked, the outlet declared Douglas had only “3 months to live.”

In any event, the tabloid’s latest cover story is similarly untrue. Far from having a “cancer relapse” and being on the precipice of death, Gossip Cop can report that Douglas is currently skiing in Aspen with his wife and children. He even posted a photo of himself on Facebook looking happy and healthy on the slopes (below). The actor’s rep further exclusively tells Gossip Cop Douglas is “celebrating his fifth year clean.”

Michael Douglas dying

(Facebook/Michael Douglas)


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