Michael Clifford Jokingly Changes Twitter Profile Picture To Head On Fire (PHOTO)

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Michael Clifford Profile pic

By Michael Lewittes |

Michael Clifford Profile pic


Michael Clifford not only says he’s “feeling loads better” and his “face is fine” after it was burned on Saturday while performing at Wembley Arena in London, but he also has a sense of humor about the whole thing. The 5 Seconds Of Summer guitarist, who noted on Twitter that he’s “excited for the show tonight,” posted a “new profile pic,” a photo of his head on fire (see right).

As Gossip Cop reported, 5 Seconds Of Summer was performing the song “She Looks So Perfect” when flames shot up from the stage and burned Clifford’s hair and face. He immediately ran off the stage while holding a towel against his singed head. Bandmate Ashton Irwin then informed the audience that the rest of the concert was canceled.

Clifford later posted a photo of his face bandaged entirely on the left side (see below), where the flames hit him, and assured fans, “im doing ok.” And on Sunday, in addition to posting his new profile photo, Clifford tweeted, “Feeling loads better and my face is fine :) excited for the show tonight.” Clifford then noted how much he and the other members of the band appreciated the “love spread around lately,” and thanked his “friends for wishing me the best.” As Gossip Cop previously noted, shortly after footage of the scary incident was shared online, the hashtag “#GETWELLSOONMICHAEL” began to trend on Twitter.

Below is video from when Michael Clifford got burned while performing with 5 Seconds Of Summer on Saturday at London’s Wembley Stadium. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

Michael Clifford burned



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