Mia Z And Ashley Morgan Voice Battle Video: Watch 3 Coaches Fight For Steal!

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Ashley Morgan Voice Steal

By Shari Weiss |

Ashley Morgan Voice Steal


Mia Z and Ashley Morgan went head to head in first battle of “The Voice” season 8 on Monday, leading to a very dramatic steal at the end that had three coaches fighting! Watch below!

The contestants were paired by their coach Pharrell, and worked with the singer-producer and guest advisor Lionel Richie in a mentoring session, where Mia was told she needs to practice more, and Morgan was instructed to let go of some of the recording studio smoothness she has perfected over the year. Together they had to perform “Put The Gun Down” by ZZ Ward, but Pharrell could only keep one of them on his team, meaning the other would have to get the boot… unless stolen by another coach.

Adam Levine, who seemed shocked by how “amazing” the performance was, was no help to Pharrell, essentially saying the two were very different but equally talented singers. Blake Shelton was similarly undecided, but Aguilera had a clear favorite, saying she believed Morgan did better. Surprisingly, though, Pharrell declared Mia the victor, and then even more surprisingly, Levine went to steal Morgan! And then Shelton hit his button to steal as well! And then Aguilera did, too!

That made the contestant-on-contestant battle turn into a 3-way coaches battle to steal Morgan. Levine told her, “I am shocked. I had no clue that you were going to be available… Hopefully when we win ‘The Voice,’ it’ll be awesome to go back to this moment like ‘Remember when this happened? And all of a sudden you were on my team?'” He added, “I’m obsessed with you. There is no one even remotely like you on my team.”

Shelton told Morgan, “The first time you walked across the stage in the blind auditions I knew you were good then… I don’t know what happened since then but you are three times the performer.” The country singer deemed Morgan a “star,” and reiterated how he wanted her on his team from her first audition.

But then Aguilera made an irrefutable point. She told Morgan, “I didn’t hear anyone up here saying outright you were a better vocalist than Mia,” except, of course, for Aguilera herself. While neither Levine nor Shelton went as far as saying she outperformed Mia, Aguilera noted, “I strongly believed in you. You are the one of those vocalists that can take this whole competition.”

She then amusingly added, “And I need to win this, dammit!” Well, the superstar will have a pretty good shot… because Morgan chose to join her team! Aguilera won the steal! Check out the videos below!


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