Meryl Streep On Her Hillary Clinton DNC Scream: “Sounds Like Someone’s Being Murdered” (VIDEO)

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Meryl Streep Scream DNC Video GMA

By Shari Weiss |

Meryl Streep Scream DNC Video GMA


Meryl Streep didn’t realize she screamed bloody murder at the Democratic National Convention, until she was helpfully reminded on Tuesday’s “GMA.” Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Streep was one of the celebrities who appeared to support Hillary Clinton at last month’s DNC in Philadelphia. When she took the stage, the Oscar winner unleashed a scream that took many by surprise. And, naturally, “Good Morning America” had the footage to play now during Streep’s live interview.

“Sounds like someone’s being murdered,” she admitted after watching the clip. “I didn’t realize that I had done that, actually. I just was swept up with the moment. It was a pretty amazing moment in history.”

Streep was on the program to promote her new film, Florence Foster Jenkins, which tells the true story of an awful singer who nonetheless charmed audiences. Of having to sing badly, the actress reflected that it was “surprisingly easy, sadly,” but also “great fun.”

“It’s harder to sing well,” Streep noted. “I learned [the songs] to sing as well as I could, and then let myself go off the rails.” The star went on to share a funny story about tricking all the extras in one of the performance scenes. The audience had no idea Streep would purposefully be singing poorly, so the camera could capture their true reactions. Check out the video below!


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