Meryl Streep NOT “Under Investigation For Covering Up Harvey Weinstein’s Crimes,” Despite Fake News

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Meryl Streep Harvey Weinstein Crimes

By Andrew Shuster |

Meryl Streep Harvey Weinstein Crimes

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Meryl Streep is not under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department for helping to cover up Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual assaults, despite a ridiculous report from a site that frequently publishes fake news. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

According to the unreliable blog YourNewsWire, the LAPD has received numerous complaints about the actress helping to procure young actresses for the mogul over the years, as well as covering up his decades of sexual misconduct. The website doesn’t have a single source to back up this serious accusation, which hasn’t been reported by any other news outlet.

Although Streep is tangentially connected to the Weinstein controversy, none of this is remotely factual. There haven’t been any complaints lodged against the actress, nor has anyone accused her of helping the disgraced mogul commit crimes. Here’s what’s really happening: Earlier this week, Rose McGowan insinuated that the actress knew about Weinstein’s predatory behavior throughout the years she worked with him.

Streep later released a statement stressing that she “did not know about Weinstein’s crimes,” nor was she “deliberately silent.” In her lengthy statement, the actress also explained, “He needed me much more than I needed him and he made sure I didn’t know.” Streep went on to condemn all of the producer’s “enablers” who helped silence his accusers, further noting that she and hundreds of her show business peers have set up “a legal defense fund for [sexual assault] victims.”

On Tuesday, however, a street artist put up posters around Los Angeles featuring an image of Streep next to Weinstein with the text “she knew” written across the actress’s face. The poster implies that she had knowledge of the producer’s predatory behavior, but chose not to speak up.

YourNewsWire is now taking the situation one step further by baselessly claiming that Streep was not only aware of Weinstein’s misdeeds, but also helped carry them out. However, not even the actress’s detractors have made such an outrageous allegation. The site’s bogus article is nothing more than an attempt to get in on the narrative and capitalize on a story circulating in the news. Gossip Cop can confirm that the LAPD isn’t investigating Streep, nor is there any evidence to suggest that the actress aided the film producer’s crimes.

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