Melissa McCarthy Takes Mom Backstage During ‘SNL’ Monologue On Mother’s Day – WATCH VIDEO

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Melissa McCarthy SNL Monologue

By Michael Lewittes |

Melissa McCarthy SNL Monologue


Melissa McCarthy opened her “SNL” monologue by talking about how she’s hosting the show for the fifth time. She then talked about how Sunday is Mother’s Day, and even took a mother named Joan from the audience backstage, where she met Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds and the musical guest Haim. See the video below of McCarthy’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue.

As noted, this marks the fifth time McCarthy has hosted “Saturday Night Live.” The last time McCarthy hosted in 2016, she began her monologue by talking and then singing about how she joined the “SNL” five-timers club, but Kenan Thompson had to stop and correct you, noting it was actually just her fourth time hosting the sketch comedy show. McCarthy said she was under the impression that her appearance on the “SNL 40” special counted, but Thompson explained that, at best, it could only account for 1/16 of a hosting credit.

Of course, McCarthy has made several cameos on “Saturday Night Live” this season, playing White House spokesman Sean Spicer. In the bits, McCarthy’s Spicer is often flustered, especially by difficult to pronounce names, as well as is visibly antagonistic towards the press corps. Sketches are often marked by Spicer using visual aids to prove a point and attacking reporters with his podium.

It’s actually a longstanding tradition for the hosts before Mother’s Day to incorporate the holiday into their monologues. In 2012, Will Farrell brought his mom onstage for a funny bit. Similarly, when Reese Witherspoon hosted the show in 2015, she and the show’s cast members had their real-life moms come onstage, where the stars all apologized for the “terrible things” they did as kids and young adults. And Brie Larson also had her mother join for her monologue when she hosted “SNL” last year.

Check out the video below of Melissa McCarthy taking a real-life mom around the backstage of “SNL” during her monologue about Mother’s Day.

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