Melissa McCarthy Did Not Save Construction Worker Who Nail-Gunned Thumb To Door, Despite Report

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Melissa McCarthy Nail Gun

By Michael Lewittes |

Melissa McCarthy Nail Gun

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Melissa McCarthy is the subject of perhaps the most absurd story of the week. One of the supermarket tabloids manufactured a tale about the actress coming to the aid of a construction worker who nail-gunned his thumb against a door in her home. Gossip Cop can exclusively report that there’s “no truth” to the claim.

According to the annoyingly alliterative and repeatedly refuted National Enquirer, McCarthy saved the “punctured paw of a hapless handyman” who accidentally “harpooned his own hand” by nailing it to a door in her house while doing some renovations. The tabloid quotes one of its seemingly made-up sources saying, “This guy was installing a door for Melissa at her Toluca Lake digs when he tripped, accidentally triggered his nail gun and zap! The gun fired, the guy screamed, Melissa came running and freaked when she saw he’d shot a nail right through his thumb bone, impaling it to the wooden.”

But that’s not all. The magazine has its fake-sounding “source” add in very unnatural speech, “Seeing no way to free the hand without ripping it, our quick-thinking star grabbed the guy’s power saw and freed him by cutting a chunk out of the door.” In case one wasn’t quite convinced yet that the tabloid fabricated this report, the publication’s increasingly phony-sounding source continues by claiming McCarthy then “drove him to the ER with the chunk still nailed to his paw! Docs extracted the nail, stitched the guy up, then congratulated ‘Doc’ Melissa on her operating skills.”

Remember, the Enquirer is the same tabloid that claimed McCarthy and her cousin Jenny McCarthy were at “war” and in a “feud” a couple of years ago, prompting the former Playboy covergirl and TV personality to tweet that the story was “bulls**t.” It’s also the same magazine that Gossip Cop exposed for lying when it falsely reported McCarthy was “banned from losing weight” by “Mike & Molly” producers.

Still, Gossip Cop investigates every story, and the only thing that got nailed here is the tabloid. McCarthy’s rep exclusively tells us the magazine’s article about her saving a construction worker’s “paw” bears “no truth.”

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