Melissa McCarthy NOT Cheap, Despite Report

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Melissa McCarthy Cheap

By Holly Nicol |

Melissa McCarthy Cheap

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Melissa McCarthy is not cheap, nor is her family “annoyed” by her alleged stinginess and “penny-pinching,” despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct this claim about her coupon habit. We’re told it’s “nonsense.”

“Melissa Hooked On Bargains,” reads the headline a story in the latest issue of OK!, which goes on to assert the actress loves shopping at “discount stores and clipping supermarket coupons.” According to the outlet, McCarthy’s “penny-pinching” is beginning to infuriate her husband Ben Falcone and their two daughters, Vivian and Georgie. A so-called “source” is quoted as telling the gossip magazine, “Her girls beg her for designer fashions, and Ben would like a watch that says Rolex on it.”

The publication’s alleged “insider” further maintains, “Her stinginess can be embarrassing.” “Melissa says what’s good enough for her ought to be good enough for them,” adds the purported source. But Gossip Cop looked into this story, and it appears OK! manufactured its tall tale based on a photo.

Last month, McCarthy was photographed leaving a 99 cent store in Los Angeles. It seems the tabloid used that image of the successful actress pushing a cart full of bags from the bargain store to claim she’s into “penny-pinching” and it’s angering her family. But a rep for the Bridesmaids star exclusively tells Gossip Cop the article is “nonsense” and “not true.” Contrary to the magazine’s bogus report, McCarthy is not cheap, nor is her family “annoyed” by her supposed “stinginess.”

Actually, McCarthy and Falcone bought a mansion in California and poured in an additional $5 million in renovations. The massive property now boasts six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, indoor and outdoor swimming, a tennis court, gym, spa, and guest house, among other amenities. Clearly, the star isn’t cheap. She just likes to shop for bargains like any other normal person. And, of course, McCarthy’s husband is also a successful actor, writer and director, and can buy himself a Rolex watch whenever he wants.

This isn’t the first time Gossip Cop has busted the tabloid for labeling a celebrity as cheap. In 2015, we busted the same magazine when it falsely claimed Jessica Simpson was a “cheapskate.” In that article, the publication similarly alleged the actress-singer behind a billion-dollar fashion label doesn’t go shopping without coupons, using them to buy generic food and toiletries. Much like that story, this latest about McCarthy being “penny-pinching” and annoying her family with her alleged “stinginess” is equally untrue.

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