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Is Melissa McCarthy really going blind? That's the absurd and baseless claim in one of this week's tabloids. Gossip Cop, however, can confirm there's nothing wrong with the actress's vision.

The latest issue of Globe features a photo of McCarthy with what appears to be a broken blood vessel in her eye, and that was enough for the tabloid to claim the actress is losing her sight. The unreliable magazine says, "A medical expert fears the shocking issue is a sign she's going blind from a secret illness." The doctor quoted by the outlet, however, has never treated the actress.

"Broken blood vessels can be an indicator of something else that's more serious, like diabetes, which could lead to loss of sight," says the medical professional, who's talking about broken blood vessels in general and doesn't know McCarthy. The doctor adds, "Diabetes, high blood-pressure, a blood-clotting disorder, heart attack, stroke - if you're not doing something about it, they can kill." Once again, the doctor is speaking in broad terms that don't necessarily apply to the actress.

Based on nothing but the photo of McCarthy's broken blood vessel, the doctor speculates "she will be fighting another uphill battle to keep her sight and avoid ailments that lead to certain death." The medical professional adds, "If the blood vessels exploding from something serious, like diabetes, she's not only risking her eye sight, she's putting her life at risk."

The magazine's sensationalized story is simply ridiculous. The Globe's doctor, described as a "diet and weight loss specialist," is telling the publication what could theoretically happen in the most extreme and rare cases of a broken blood vessel in the eye. However, a certified ophthalmologist wrote an article for Livestrong explaining that broken eye capillaries are "usually not indicative of any underlying disease." The eye doctor further explained that things such as "eye rubbing" and "coughing" can be enough to make a blood vessel burst.

The tabloid's article gets even less legitimate from there. The outlet's photo of McCarthy's eye was taken on the set of her upcoming movie The Kitchen. It seems possible, if not very likely, that the actress's broken blood vessel isn't real, but instead being used for her character in the film. Regardless, a rep for the actress, who unlike the magazine's doctor has a real relationship with the star, dismisses the phony speculation she's going blind.

As for the additional claims about the comedic actress possibly getting "diabetes" and "putting her life at risk," McCarthy recently lost 75 pounds and is thinner than she's ever been. The actress reportedly shed the weight with a high-protein and low-carb diet, and her risk of developing diabetes has obviously reduced drastically. Click on the following link for proof that the image of McCarthy's broken blood vessel was taken on the set of the movie The Kitchen.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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