Melissa Joan Hart Defends Being A “Hollywood Republican” Calling For “Stricter Gun Laws”

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Melissa Joan Hart Hollywood Republican

By Shari Weiss |

Melissa Joan Hart Hollywood Republican

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Melissa Joan Hart is a self-proclaimed “Hollywood Republican.” She’s also in favor of “stricter gun laws.” And she wants fans to know she won’t be backing down from her views.

Following the massacre in Las Vegas on Sunday night, Hart posted an image from Everytown, a gun safety organization, on Instagram. It read, “It’s not too early to talk about solutions to gun violence; it’s too late.” In the caption, she included the group’s rallying cry (“Today we mourn for Las Vegas, tomorrow we fight for them. Join the movement to end gun violence: Text ACT to 64433. @everytown”), and then added her own statement. “Yes I agree this is a mental health issue as much as it is a problem in our country when people can get their hands on weapons that shouldn’t be available. We have a lot of growing to do, and a lot of learning and we will never be able to stop senseless tragedies from occurring but we can keep a lot of people from dying by being smarter about our guns,” Hart said.

The former child star added, “We are the ONLY first world country where these mass shootings occur in such rapid succession with little action. We need #gunsense now!!” Somehow, she managed to upset people on both sides of the political aisle, leading a tense debate to rage in the comments section of her post. On Tuesday, Hart took notice and defended her position. This time, she used a meme of a boy trying to avoid criss-crossing laser beams, with the text reading, “Me trying not to offend someone on social media.” She then wrote about the difficulty of not causing controversy.

“If I said I like the color orange someone would surely say ‘what’s wrong with blue’ ‘why don’t you pray for green’ ‘at least you didn’t say red’ or ‘he’s your president too you know.’ I’m a Hollywood republican (yes we exist), a Christian, an Alabama football fan, a New York native, a working mother who believes in stricter gun laws (PS that doesn’t mean I want every gun destroyed, just smarter laws to deter as much disaster as possible),” she wrote.

The actress went on, “I don’t fit in a box so there is no way I can be anyone but me! Educate yourself before you comment! #cantpleaseeveryone #doyou and I’ll do me. Don’t like it, take a walk and follow only people who think and act EXACTLY like you do! I’m all for healthy debate but keep your nasty comments to yourself. I’m on a blocking roll over here these days so don’t tempt me! #loveeachother.”

The “Melissa & Joey” star’s defiant statement comes two weeks after Hart was slammed for complaining about Hurricane Maria causing her vacation plans to be canceled. Following a social media backlash, she deleted the post.

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