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Melania Trump was not trying to "shade" Michelle Obama by using "sugary Christmas decorations." Reports are accusing the current first lady of taking a dig at her predecessor, but the claims are ridiculous. Gossip Cop can bust the petty nonsense.

According to HollywoodLife, Trump's "sugar-infested Christmas decorations might be a huge diss aimed" at the former first lady. How so? Well, based on a photo from nearly a month ago, the webloid asserts that Trump "lavishly decked the White House's Red Room out with so many candy canes, peppermint mints and lollipops, you might get a few cavities just from looking at it." The site contends, "This, of course, begs the question: is this new Christmas decoration a dig at Michelle Obama, 53, and her healthy living campaign Let's Move?"

The outlet goes on to argue, "With that many calories in Melania's over the top holiday display, it's pretty hard to imagine how this wouldn't be perceived as a personal slight targeting Michelle and her health-conscious initiative." Readers are even encouraged to check out the "shade-throwing pic." The photo in question, however, merely shows a table with red and white candy on it (see similar snapshot below). Trump isn't even in the picture, which was taken in late November when the press was invited to the White House to see this year's holiday decorations.

Now weeks later, HollywoodLies, as it is often called, is alleging Trump was specifically trying to malign Obama by using candy in her decorations. As crazy as it sounds, the blog didn't actually come up with theory on its own. The Daily Mail concocted this angle hours before the gossip site, writing, "Did Melania design the White House decorations as a sweet snub toward Michelle Obama? The First Lady's candy room — full of ornaments made from sugar — seems to aim as a pointed response to Michelle's healthy eating."

Of course, Obama's health initiative did not mean she never ate candy or that candy wasn't available in the White House. In fact, a number of past presidents have been known to favor certain sugary treats over others, from M&Ms to jelly beans. The notion that Trump was making a statement against Obama by featuring a candy display is absurd. The current first lady just decorated a particular room as she saw fit, just as previous presidential wives have done in years before. Gossip Cop is told the comparisons are "silly" and there's "no competition." One would think that should go without saying, but apparently some publications are stuck in middle school.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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