Mel Gibson Did NOT Have “Meltdown” At Golden Globes, Despite Report

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Mel Gibson Meltdown Golden Globes

By Michael Lewittes |

Mel Gibson Meltdown Golden Globes

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Mel Gibson did not have a “meltdown” at the Golden Globes, despite a new report that doesn’t check out at all. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim. We’re told it’s “incorrect” and “never happened.”

According to RadarOnline, the only outlet out of hundreds covering the Golden Globes, Gibson had a “meltdown” backstage. Despite no one else witnessing this or reporting it, the webloid claims the actor was “extremely angry” offstage. Irrespective of the site’s entirely sensational headline about a “meltdown,” the outlet provides no proof or what it supposedly entailed.

Instead, the webloid quotes one of its fake sources saying very unnaturally, “Mel was with his girlfriend, Rosalind Ross, at the bar for most of the awards ceremony. It became very awkward and tense backstage because it seemed like hardly anyone wanted to talk to him.” The same so-called “source” adds without any specifics, “He would approach a studio boss, and the conversation would only last less than two minutes.”

Let Gossip Cop point out how untrue this story is. First off, no real person says, “his girlfriend, Rosalind Ross.” An actual human would either just say, “his girlfriend” or “Rosalind,” not “his girlfriend” and her full name. Additionally, the webloid couldn’t even muster the name of one “studio boss” who supposedly rebuffed Gibson.

More importantly, however, Gossip Cop reached out to organizers of the Golden Globes and no one could verify this story, which only one webloid seemingly got and no other outlet did. One Golden Globes organizer assured Gossip Cop that RadarOnline’s account “never happened.” We’re also told the atmosphere around Gibson “couldn’t have been more pleasant.” And a rep for the actor exclusively tells us, “Everything in [the story] is incorrect.”

Sadly, Gossip Cop is not surprised this tale is a complete fabrication. In September, we exclusively busted the same outlet when it falsely reported that Gibson’s girlfriend, Rosalind Ross, was pregnant with his ninth child.

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Mel Gibson had a meltdown at the Golden Globes.


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