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Mel Gibson never said Hollywood pedophiles have "nowhere left to hide." A recent interview the actor gave at the Dublin premiere of Daddy's Home 2 is being twisted with words put in his mouth. Gossip Cop can separate the real news from the fake news.

While at the red carpet event for Daddy's Home 2 in Ireland this week, Gibson spoke with a number of journalists and media personalities, including broadcaster Henry McKean of NewsTalk. McKean turned his recordings of his conversations at the premiere, with Gibson, Will Ferrell, other cast members and fans, into a segment recapping the festivities. During his chat with Gibson, he asked the actor if, given what's going on in Hollywood right now, it was "good to get away from that darkness and come to a happy country like Ireland."

Gibson responded, "It's a really good thing to sort of focus on something that's family-oriented, that's happy, that's funny, that's upbeat, because I think a lot light's being shined into a lot of dark places right now and rightfully so. And it's tragic in a sense, because a lot of the poor victims have to relive it. It's torturous for them. But they'll get free by reexamining it."

That is all he said on the subject. He in no way made specific references to which "dark places" or "victims" he was alluding to. And, as the audio clearly indicates (listen below), Gibson said absolutely nothing about pedophilia. Yet YourNewsWire is announcing in a headline, "Mel Gibson: Hollywood Pedophiles Have Nowhere Left To Hide." Its article similarly begins, "Mel Gibson says that the sexual abuse scandal in Hollywood is going to get worse, claiming that tinsel town pedophiles have 'nowhere left to hide.'"

But the Oscar winner made no such claim. In fact, the site goes on to quote from the interview, just as Gossip Cop did above, and it's apparent the phrase "nowhere left to hide" wasn't even used in the exchange. He also never suggested the Hollywood sex abuse scandal is "going to get worse." It's commendable that Gibson expressed support for victims, especially given sordid allegations he has faced in the past, and it would also be commendable if he condemned pedophiles. But facts are facts and Gibson said nothing of the sort. Gossip Cop has noticed that a lot of YourNewsWire's celebrity stories are about pedophilia, such as one that falsely claimed Britney Spears said the world is "ruled by pedophiles," and they're often simply made up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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