Mel B, Simon Cowell ‘America’s Got Talent’ Fight NOT “Staged,” Despite Report

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Mel B Simon Cowell Fight Staged

By Andrew Shuster |

Mel B Simon Cowell Fight Staged


Mel B and Simon Cowell’s fight on this week’s “America’s Got Talent” wasn’t “staged,” despite a false report. Gossip Cop can exclusively set the record straight.

As Gossip Cop reported, Mel B threw her drink at Cowell and stormed off stage during Tuesday’s “AGT” after he made a rude joke about her wedding night. The barb came following an escape artist’s stunt gone awry, to which Cowell remarked, “I kind of imagine this would be like Mel B’s wedding night. A lot of anticipation, not much promise or delivery.” The insult came amid Mel B’s tumultuous divorce and custody battle with estranged husband Stephen Belafonte, who she’s accused of domestic abuse.

RadarOnline has now come up with the bogus conspiracy theory that the hostile incident was scripted to stir up controversy and score ratings. “Mel knew the ‘wedding night’ comment was coming which is why her sponsored Dunkin’ Donuts cup was filled with water and not coffee,” a supposed “source” tells the site. “Simon is up for everything when it comes to getting attention for the show. He’s a genius at publicity and this show is his baby. Expect lots and lots more fights. Especially when the cameras are rolling.”

But Gossip Cop checked in with a source closely involved in the production of the NBC competition show, and we’re exclusively assured the squabble between the judges wasn’t fake. Additionally, it’s absurd to believe the show’s producers would either thwart a magician’s trick or convince the contestant to sabotage the act himself simply so Cowell could make a snarky comment.

Of course, Gossip Cop often has to correct bogus stories surrounding the popular reality series, so this latest fabrication isn’t too surprising. Earlier this year, we busted RadarOnline for wrongly reporting Ryan Seacrest would replace Nick Cannon as host of “AGT.” Of course, Seacrest went on to become the co-host of “Live,” while Cannon was replaced by Tyra Banks. Gossip Cop also previously called out the site’s sister publication, the National Enquirer, for concocting a fake feud between Howie Mandel and former judge Howard Stern. The webloid’s latest article about the show is more nonsense.

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