Mel B Must Pay $40,000 Per Month For Stephen Belafonte Spousal Support

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Mel B Spousal Support

By Shari Weiss |

Mel B Spousal Support

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Mel B must pay $40,000 per month to Stephen Belafonte in spousal support, a judge has ruled. The decision comes in spite of the singer’s attempt at fighting her estranged husband’s request.

As Gossip Cop has reported, the former couple, who have a daughter together, separated earlier this year. Mel B subsequently claimed Belafonte abused her throughout their 10-year marriage and obtained a restraining order against him. She made multiple allegations of physical and emotional domestic violence, which he has denied. She also insisted Belafonte should not be allowed visitation with their 5-year-old child because of his alleged involvement with the porn industry. His attorney in turn accused the singer of a “smear campaign.”

In late May, the film producer took legal action of his own. As Gossip Cop noted, Belafonte filed legal documents demanding Mel B provide him with emergency spousal support until the terms of their divorce are settled. With no such agreement in place, he claimed he was unable to afford a place to live and was unable to pay off credit card debt. He further alleged Mel B’s accusations against him were harming his ability to make a living, asserted she was stopping him from selling one of their homes, and pointed to her large salary from “America’s Got Talent” and other sources of income.

Mel B fired back in late June, arguing that Belafonte put together a “wish list” of unreasonable requests, such as $4,300 a week for food and $11,000 every month for housing. He also asked for $2,000 monthly and $750 monthly for clothing and a phone plan, respectively. But as “exorbitant” as she found the demands, the court apparently feels otherwise.

According to TMZ, Mel B has now been ordered to pay Belafonte $40,000 a month in spousal support, along with a one-time payment of $140,000 for his legal fees. It was reportedly even noted that, based on their respective incomes and expenses, the monthly amount could have gone as high as $65,000. So, in a way, the Spice Girls member is getting a bit of a discount. Something tells us, though, that she probably doesn’t see it the same way. The exes still need to work out a permanent alimony arrangement to finalize their divorce.

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