Mel B, Stephen Belafonte NOT “On The Rocks,” Despite Report

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Mel B Marriage Problems

By Shari Weiss |

Mel B Marriage Problems

(Mel B/Instagram)

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte are NOT “on the rocks,” despite a tabloid report. Gossip Cop can bust the story misleading story.

The “on the rocks” headline can be found in the current edition of Star, in which a story asserts, “If you wanna be Mel B’s lover, you gotta get your act together, Stephen Belafonte!” According to the magazine, “The film producer was spotted cozying up to a sexy brunette at STK restaurant in New York City — holding her hand, putting his arm around her waist — while his wife was performing on Broadway.”

“Mel was furious when she found out,” a so-called “confidante” claims to the publication. “Of course, Stephen denied any wrongdoing, but they’ve been down this road before — and Mel simply doesn’t trust him anymore.” The outlet then arbitrarily drags Heidi Klum into its tale.

The supposed source claims the model thinks her “America’s Got Talent” colleague is “crazy to stick with Stephen. Mel is so talented and successful — she could do a lot better than him.” And, in another attempt to cheekily use Spice Girls lyrics, Star ends its piece by declaring, “Now don’t go wasting her precious time!”

But its readers’ time that’s getting wasted with this inaccurate story. Far from being “on the rocks,” Mel and Belafonte, who weathered abuse rumors in 2014, are actually happier than ever. In fact, days before these claims were published, the singer posted the above PDA photo on Instagram.

She wrote in the caption, “My baby boo @stephenthinks11 we have been through everything that would normally tear couples apart and we have come out on the other side stronger, you loved me before I even [k]new how to really love myself, you are my world honey and let’s not forget you are abit [sic] of a d*ckhead too xxxx.”

Mel even included the hashtags, “#tenyearsmarried #fightfortheineyoulove #theysaiditwouldntlast #bitcheswishtheyhadthis #nowtalkaboutme.” As the star’s tribute indicates, she and Belafonte may have their ups and downs, but they’re clearly still a united front.

It’s also worth noting this isn’t the first time the tabloid has published false allegations about the couple. More than two years ago, Gossip Cop busted Star for an absurd article about Mel B and Belafonte playing naked board games outdoors.

UPDATE: Mel B unexpectedly filed for divorce in late March, despite her loving tribute. However, there is still no indication that any of the specific claims above are accurate. In April, the singer obtained a restraining order after alleging abuse. As Gossip Cop reported at the time, in 2014 Mel B appeared to have a bruise while on “The X Factor.” Days later, Mel B denied any domestic violence had taken place, saying Belafonte “never would lay a hand on me.” That stands in contrast to her restraining order petition, which documents several alleged incidents.

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