Megyn Kelly Losing “Today” Show Job To Rachel Maddow?

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Megyn Kelly Rachel Maddow Today Show

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Megyn Kelly Rachel Maddow Today Show

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Megyn Kelly still hasn’t lost her job at the “Today” show to Rachel Maddow, despite a report a year ago that claimed Kelly was going to be pushed out. At the time, Gossip Cop reported there were no plans to move Maddow from MSNBC and have Kelly exit. Now the passage of time has proven our debunking was correct.

On August 20, 2017, we called out the National Enquirer for contending Kelly and Maddow were in a “catfight” over the third hour of “Today.” A so-called “source” deemed Maddow “NBC’s new golden girl,” and claimed that “the bosses have big plans for her future, including adding her to the morning show.” It was alleged the plan was to introduce Maddow to “Today” viewers “slowly,” by first having her appear “once or twice a week.”

Producers were supposedly set on then “increasing her role until she’s a full-time member of the ‘Today’ family,” and able to take over for Kelly. As a result, the “TV divas” were said to be in a “toxic feud.” It was even claimed that Maddow viewed Kelly as her “nemesis,” and was “jealous” of the “mountain of money she’s making.”

Significantly, at this point in time Kelly hadn’t even debuted her morning show yet. This narrative was the result of lackluster ratings for her primetime NBC show that had aired during the summer. A second article on this topic further claimed that integrating Maddow was part of secret “contingency plans to remove” Kelly before “Megyn Kelly Today” even got off the ground. “She could be fired and not even know it,” one purported snitch claimed.

But at the time, a “Today” staffer told Gossip Cop on the condition of anonymity that there was “no truth” to the storyline. Now 365 days have gone by, and it’s readily apparent that was accurate. Kelly is still at the helm of the 9 a.m. hour, and will launch her second season next month. On Monday morning, NBC even sent out a release touting Kelly’s interview with two former Miss Americas as the pageant remains embroiled in controversy.

Meanwhile, while MSNBC enjoyed ratings success last month, it was actually reported that Maddow’s show was down in the numbers. She is still considered, however, to be the network’s biggest star, and there is still no evidence that a move to NBC was ever in the works. She hasn’t been making weekly appearances on “Today,” either.

The tabloid tried bringing back this alleged “feud” in May, again claiming that Kelly was on the verge of being “replaced” by Maddow. “They’d love to see Rachel take her place. Megyn might be gone by summer,” insisted the source.” But the magazine was clearly quite wrong a year ago, wrong last spring, and is still wrong today: Kelly is not being dumped and Maddow is not getting the third hour of the “Today” show.


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