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Megyn Kelly is not writing a "$10 million tell-all" about Matt Lauer, despite a tabloid report. The story claims she's "writing a book full of exclusive new bombshells," but it's completely false. Gossip Cop can debunk the allegations.

According to an "insider" quoted in the current edition of Life & Style, Lauer's firing from the "Today" show for sexual misconduct "lit a fire" in Kelly, who was supposedly already contemplating "writing a book" tied to the ongoing avalanche of allegations about powerful figures. Now, contends the alleged source, "She wasn't Matt's colleague for very long, but long enough to gather information about him to fill a book, which is exactly what she's planning to do." The focus is said to be "Matt's dirty deeds and horrible antics with women."

The gossip magazine claims Kelly is "already fielding offers from publishers," and cites one "publishing expert" who maintains she "could command a $10 million payday." The purported "insider" further alleges, "Megyn won't hold back any details. She wants to put an end to decades of sweeping these secrets under the rug." What's more is the outlet's tipster insists Kelly has been receiving "shocking emails from women who want to tell their stories about Matt."

Adds this alleged "insider," "Matt would like this to all go away, but once Meghan's book comes out, all his dirty deeds will be back in the public eye. But Meghan doesn't feel sorry for him one bit." Well, on the topic of apologies, it's Kelly and Lauer who are owed one from the publication for this inaccurate report. While it's true Kelly interviewed a former "Today" staffer about her relationship with Lauer, it is not true she is now planning a "tell-all" book about him.

It seems likely this piece was concocted because Kelly has invited Lauer and his accusers on to her program , but allowing them to come on to speak for themselves and tell their own stories is far different than writing a "bombshell" book about the disgraced anchor. Doing so likely would not endear Kelly to her "Today" colleagues, and it may not even be permissible due to her contract with NBC News and any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements that may be involved.

Furthermore, while the tabloid is claiming she worked "long enough" with Lauer to "gather information about him to fill a book," Kelly herself said in November that she heard "rumors, but that's all," and pointed out, "I hear a lot of rumors about myself that aren't true." She also praised Lauer on her show as a "friend" who has been "kind and supportive" to her. She is not planning to now attack him, Gossip Cop is told, although she will continue to shine a spotlight on cases of sexual harassment and assault and could pen a more general book on those topics.

We must also point out that Life & Style is the same magazine that tried to dupe readers last month by deceptively implying Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb gave the outlet "our side of the story" about Lauer's firing. As Gossip Cop exposed at the time, neither woman actually spoke to the publication. In fact, it was People who scored the first in-depth interview, which was released only a few days ago.

So, now this is another one of those untrue "rumors" about Kelly and the "Today" show that can be added to an ever-growing pile. Indeed, the outlet's sister tabloid, Closer, is already spreading this misinformation online about Kelly writing a tell-all book on Lauer. Gossip Cop will be keeping a closer eye on that publication, no pun intended, going forward.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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