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Megyn Kelly Matt Lauer Fired Cover

(In Touch)

Neither Megyn Kelly nor Matt Lauer is being "fired" from the "Today" show, contrary to a new cover story from a tabloid that's spread a lot of misinformation about the program and its anchors. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this latest report.

The new cover of In Touch is falsely announcing, "After An Explosive Battle Between Matt & Megyn, Network Source Claims One Of Them Will Be... FIRED!" According to the article, Lauer and Kelly have "resented each other professionally" since she joined NBC, and they recently "clashed" after she was left out of the morning-after coverage of the Las Vegas shooting. "Megyn complained about being left on the sidelines. [Matt] was in no mood to hear it. Let's just say the exchange got heated," a so-called "source" claims to the tabloid.

And now, contends the gossip magazine, it's become clear the "network isn't big enough for the both of them," and it's become "so tense," that "it's only a matter of time before either Matt or Megyn is out." Alleges the supposed snitch, "One of the will be fired." But while Lauer supposedly wants his new colleague to be the one to go, the outlet maintains he's "not getting his way right now," though "one possible plan" is to "move Megyn to MSNBC." The publication goes on to predict, "If Megyn is just flat-out fired, neither she nor the network would ever admit it," and further asserts, "Matt's continued NBC employment at NBC isn't a sure thing, either." Another purported "source" even claims, without any supporting evidence, that "firing him would definitely put the show back in first place."

Whatever happens, "Something has to give. Only one of them will be left standing in the end," an alleged "network source" supposedly says. But the tabloid's track record on this subject leaves a lot to be desired. All the way back in February, In Touch ran a cover story falsely claiming Lauer was being "dumped" at "Today" in favor of Kelly. In March, the publication continued its narrative by not only alleging NBC was looking for a Lauer replacement, but also claiming he was on the brink of divorce. That was followed in April by a third cover story inaccurately contending Lauer was "replaced" by Kelly.

Fast-forward to June, when the tabloid alleged Lauer was worried Kelly's ratings would affect his hours at the helm of the program. And in July, there was a fourth cover story that erroneously asserted Lauer was "out" and Kelly was replacing him. Taking today's issue into account, that's five cover stories plus one additional article in the last eight months, all of which have been largely wrong. In fact, in regards to these latest claims about either Kelly or Lauer being "fired," a "Today" insider tells, Gossip Cop, "It's all [expletive]." And while "Megyn Kelly Today" is off to a rough start, "They always knew it would be a slow build," says our contact. In other words, both will remain at the network for the foreseeable future. It seems In Touch is just trying to mislead readers over and over again.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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