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A new tabloid cover story about Megyn Kelly and supposed "cheating, lies and arrests" is deceptive. Gossip Cop can explain why.

The new cover of Star exclaims, "Megyn Kelly: Cheating, Lies & Arrests! Her Darkest Secrets Revealed." The front of the issue was designed to make readers think the journalist has been keeping secrets about, well, cheating, lies and arrests. But this is misleading. The story is primarily not about Kelly herself, but her extended family.

"She's aimed for the sensational and controversial in her uneven early days as an NBC News personality. Fittingly, as Star has learned, Megyn and her family's experiences could fill an entire prime-time special," writes the magazine, which asserts that while Kelly is "strong-willed and outspoken, that does not, however, include discussing the skeletons in her own closet." Of course, she's under no obligation to do so, but this mean-spirited article takes her to task anyway.

The main example of a "controversial personal subject" that Kelly wants "off-limits" is the life of her sister, Suzanne. The outlet details her older sibling's failed marriage to a man who transitioned into a woman, her subsequent custody battle, struggles with addiction and multiple arrests. This makes up more than 90 percent of the cover story.

The small portion that directly has to do with Kelly is a sidebar that falsely claims she's alluded to being cheated on by her first husband, which he has denied. In other words, there's nothing directly involving the former Fox News host here that's really scandalous. It seems Star just wanted to make Kelly look badly and sell newsstand copies of its publication.

That's not surprising because its sister outlet, the National Enquirer, tried something similar earlier this month. As Gossip Cop reported at the time, that tabloid cover story was about Kelly supposedly "hiding" a "$1.4 million plastic surgery transformation." The magazine had no proof, however, to back up that allegation, and its contentions about her "troubled past" were all about sister Suzanne, just like in the new Star piece.

After the Enquirer cover circulated online, Chelsea Clinton tweeted to Kelly, "Welcome to the 'club!' Soon you too will have alien children (or siblings), excerpts from diaries never kept published & more!" Though the new Star story about Kelly's sister may be true, it is still an instance of tabloid trickery. These are not Kelly's "darkest secrets," yet the magazine still deceptively packaged the piece that way. But when Kelly herself hasn't cheated, lied or been arrested, the whole thing is dishonest and amounts to fake news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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