Meghan McCain Argues With Nancy Pelosi On “The View”

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The View Meghan McCain Nancy Pelosi

By Shari Weiss |

The View Meghan McCain Nancy Pelosi


Meghan McCain argued with Nancy Pelosi on “The View” on Friday, at one point talking over the congresswoman. Check out the video below.

Rep. Pelosi was invited on to the ABC talk show to discuss the current state of politics. The conversation lasted two segments and was wide-ranging, tackling the crisis in Puerto Rico, her interactions with Donald Trump and issues like DACA and the ACA. But towards the end, she clashed with the program’s newest conservative panelist, who insisted there is a “fracture” in the Democratic party.

McCain said, “There’s a fracture in your party in the same way there’s a fracture in mine. And there were a lot of people like Tim Ryan that were calling for you to step down to make room for new blood. And I don’t think it’s necessarily about gender. It’s about leadership. Look at the Bernie supporters versus the Hillary supporters. How do you respond to that?” Well, Pelosi took issue with that characterization.

“Let me, with all due respect, disagree with you. There is not a fracture in our party similar to what’s happening in the Republican party,” she said, receiving applause from the audience. McCain immediately objected, talking over Pelosi as she tried to elaborate. The California representative won out, getting to finish her point. She explained that some do want her to step down and said she was ready to do so had Hillary Clinton won the election. But now with Trump in power, she wants to stay to “protect” the ACA.

She added, “I feel very comfortable in what I’m doing and the support that I have. But please don’t think that is anything like the fracture that’s in the Republican party.” McCain interjected, countering, “It hasn’t stopped us from winning, though. I mean, President Trump is in the White House, so there’s a breakdown some place.” Pelosi acknowledged, “We have to get the message across. It’s one thing to have a message. It’s another thing to connect.” Watch the full interview videos below.

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