Meghan McCain Celebrates Birthday On ‘The View’ With Dad John McCain (VIDEO)

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The View Meghan McCain Birthday

By Shari Weiss |

The View Meghan McCain Birthday


Meghan McCain celebrated her birthday on “The View” on Monday. Her dad John McCain was a special guest. Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Meghan joined “The View” earlier this month as a new co-host, following the departure of Jedediah Bila. Her father, a beloved senator and war hero, has frequently come up in conversation on the ABC talk show since she joined the panel. And on Friday, the program announced that he’d be stopping by for his daughter’s special day. He even tweeted on Monday morning, “Happy birthday to our wonderful daughter @MeghanMcCain – grateful to be celebrating with you on @TheView today!”

The live broadcast began with Meghan walking out solo to Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The U.S.A.” The panelists’ table was covered with all of her favorite foods. The group was all too happy to dig in to hamburgers and other assorted comfort foods, despite the early hour. “33, I’m so excited,” Meghan said to applause. “I love getting older.” Cracked Whoopi Goldberg, “Well, it beats the alternative!” She said of her dad being the real guest of honor, “It’s very special to have him here. It’s a good birthday surprise. He doesn’t do every show.”

And when it was time to introduce the revered politician, Meghan declared, “I could not ask for a better birthday present than this.” John received a rapturous welcome from the studio audience, and Goldberg said she heard that it was he and his wife who encouraged Meghan to join the show. “I certainly recommended it because it needed a good conservative voice to counter yours,” he joked. “I actually strongly recommended it because so many Americans watch this program.” He said his daughter has always been “independent-minded,” and shared that they started having “long discussions at an early age.”

He showed his strong sense of humor throughout the appearance. For example, asked what he thinks of Meghan’s boyfriend, the senator said without hesitation, “He’s a jerk.” He added more seriously, “Actually, he’s a very fine man. I’ve proud that they’re very happy together. He’s still got a lot to learn… Frankly, he’s a little more conservative than I am.” Asked how he’s feeling as he battles brain cancer, he insisted, “Fine. Plenty of rest, plenty of food and plenty of exercise. I’ve had some other challenges.”

John added, “I don’t mean to get a little sentimental, but it does make you appreciate every minute, every hour of every day.” Later, he was asked what he wants his legacy to be. “He served his country,” the former soldier said. He then quipped, “He’s proud of his family and his daughter, who many times is a pain in the ass.” Meghan acknowledged she’s “normally not this quiet” on the show, but asked if her dad had any regrets. He candidly responded, “Have we got a couple hours? Many. Many regrets.”

Towards the end, Meghan became choked up as her dad presented her with a framed father-daughter photo as a birthday gift. Asked what she’s learned from him, she said, “Character matters and believing in something greater than yourself will always be important… America’s always been great and is always gonna be great.” With him and the rest of their family she insisted, “I’m the luckiest person in the entire world.” That echoed something her dad said earlier: “I have a wonderful life. I’m the luckiest person you’ll ever see on this show.”

Of course, John McCain also spoke about Donald Trump and political issues. Check out the birthday videos below. NOTE: The videos are no longer available.

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