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Were Meghan Markle's "wedding gown secrets" actually revealed? That's what one untrustworthy webloid is trying to get readers to believe, but the claims seem to be little more than speculation without any firm answers. Gossip Cop can break it down.

Although nothing is officially known about Markle's wedding to Prince Harry aside from the date and location, HollywoodLife, of all places, is claiming to have "EXCLUSIVE details" on the bride-to-be's plans for the "perfect dress." These assertions supposedly come from a so-called "source close to the royal family," but make no mistake: No person legitimately close to the monarchy would discuss such matters, even anonymously, with a U.S. gossip blog. Still, let's take a look at what's actually being said.

"Meghan is huge into fashion and she is having a lot of fun coming up with the perfect wedding gown," this supposed "source" first asserts. Of course, Markle's interest in fashion is already well-known. The alleged snitch then contends, "Meghan has been thinking of creative ways to incorporate Harry's late mother Diana's memory into the most important day of their life and so she has been in talks with Elizabeth Emanuel, Diana's wedding dress designer." There's problems with these statements as well.

First off, Markle and Prince Harry already made it clear in their engagement interview that they intend to keep his late mother a part of their lives. The "Suits" star even said, "It's so important to me know that she's a part of this with us." Second, Emanuel did not design Princess Diana's dress solo, but with her ex-husband, who was her partner at the time. And although they no longer work together, David Emanuel has already spoken with the Daily Mail about what kind of gown Markle may wear.

So, so far, none of the quotes presented seem to have much insight, originality or authenticity. From there, the purported tipster contends, "Meghan loves timeless, romantic and simple designs so she is also considering her dear friend, designer Misha Nonoo, who helped introduce her to Harry, for a dress for her big day." Well, there's nothing particularly insightful or original with that comment, either. It's already been speculated that Markle could turn to Nonoo for her dream wedding dress

Then the last remark from the site's "source" actually indicates why none of the contentions should be interpreted as a legitimate scoop: "Meghan is loving the whole process of putting together her wedding gown and her dress will likely be kept a secret right up until the big day." Why, then, would a person actually connected to the royal family even discuss the subject with an outlet known as HollywoodLies? Even the publication acknowledges, "It's no doubt that her final gown design will be one of the highest kept secrets of 2018."

Yet the webloid wants readers to believe it was leaked genuine "EXCLUSIVE details." Please. The site's story boils down to a "source" saying things that were pretty much already known or speculated about, as opposed to actual "secrets" truly being "revealed." As Gossip Cop has documented (see our archives), HollywoodLies has been running a number of seemingly manufactured stories to capitalize on Markle's engagement. Gossip Cop hears this is just more of the same.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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