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Is Meghan Markle buying her mother a royal title? A ridiculous tabloid article this week says so. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

According to a new article published in the National Enquirer, Markle felt “snubbed” that her mother Doria Ragland hasn’t been given a title by Queen Elizabeth. “Meghan would have been happy if the queen made Doria a countess, or even just a lady or baroness,” a questionable “source” says, adding that the Duchess of Sussex was undeterred by the fact that titles are only offered to British citizens: “she feels rules should not be followed blindly because of tradition.” Kate Middleton, on the other hand, has supposedly secured titles for her entire family.

Another spiteful “insider” adds that Markle “flipped out” upon hearing this news and is now “researching other ways to elevate her mother to royal status.” Official peerage titles are bestowed by the monarch, but it is possible to purchase the unofficial title of Lord or Lady of the Manor. Markle supposedly “doesn’t want her mother to have to settle when everybody else is getting titles.”

Okay, so that “Lord/Lady of the Manor” thing. We can’t stress enough how meaningless that title is. It carries no responsibilities or privileges. You can buy it over the Internet for several thousand dollars from any number of private companies in varying degrees of legitimacy. Scott Disick bought one as a joke once. Seriously, they don’t mean anything. If Meghan Markle were really trying to give her mother a boost within the British aristocracy, this wouldn’t be the way to do it.

There’s also been absolutely no reporting about any of the Middletons getting titles anytime soon. In 2015, the Daily Mail speculated that Duchess Kate’s immediate family would receive titles at some point before Prince William becomes king, since usually people who marry into the royal family are already titled. But that was five years ago, and there’s been no word on it since then.

Furthermore, why in the world would want a title for her mother? She left the royal family, y’all. Call her a social climber or a gold digger all you want, but she obviously isn’t interested in rising through the ranks of the British aristocracy. Her actions since marrying Prince Harry have made that clear to anyone who isn’t approaching the subject with blind hatred.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Gossip Cop has caught National Enquirer for publishing phony claims about Meghan Markle. Last September, the shady publication wrote that Markle was acting like a “monster” towards her husband and his family. A supposed “former royal nanny” alleged that the duchess was “so afraid [Archie] will bond with someone other than herself, she can’t stand anyone else holding him.” But reliable reporting showed that the Sussexes both got along extremely well with their current nanny. The only other official nanny they had was let go for a “lapse in professional duties.”

In March, Gossip Cop shot down another story from the tabloid claiming that Markle was ordering Prince Harry to get a job to pay for her lavish demands. Again, the claim was nonsense: the Sussexes were not immediately cut off from their family’s finances but will spend the next year working towards financial independence while receiving help from Prince Charles. The situation is a bit complicated, but it’s absolutely nothing like what this tabloid claims.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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