Meghan Markle Vetoed Vogue Cover?

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Meghan Markle Vogue

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Meghan Markle Vogue

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Meghan Markle did not veto being on the cover of September’s Vogue, despite a reheated rumor. Gossip Cop can again correct this falsehood. Even the fashion magazine itself says the claim is entirely untrue.

The untrue story is now being regurgitated by OK!. Originally, the fabrication began on a small website named Naughty Gossip, who’s editor also writes for the National Enquirer, a sister publication of OK!. But the tabloid repeating the blog’s tale doesn’t make it real, just repurposed.

Anyway, Gossip Cop debunked the site’s claim five days ago when it first falsely maintained Beyonce was chosen for Vogue’s September cover after Markle passed on it. As we noted in of our bust then, while the blog’s bogus narrative was predicated on an unnamed and unidentifiable “source,” the communications department of the fashion magazine, speaking as well on behalf of its editor Anna Wintour, went on the record to call the report “total nonsense.”

Here’s where it gets even more questionable. When the site published its tall tale, a so-called “source” alleged “that Anna Wintour really, really wanted Meghan.” In the tabloid’s version, its purported “insider” similarly (but not exactly) says, “Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour really wanted it to be Meghan Markle.”

Later, in the blog’s version, the tipster asserted Wintour “offered to shoot the pictures anywhere Meghan wanted and would be willing to personally go to London herself to oversee the shoot and interview.” But when regurgitated by OK!, its supposed source alleges, “Anna offered to photograph the cover anywhere Meghan wanted and was willing to oversee the shoot and interview her personally.”

Either the tabloid is pretending to have another “source,” who’s paraphrasing the blog’s quotes, or all the remarks are made up anyway, so it doesn’t really matter that they’re slight different. Regardless, a lie that’s repeated, even in different ways, is no more true or accurate. As stated above, even Vogue confirmed it was “nonsense” that Markle vetoed the September cover before they picked Beyonce, who we were also assured was the only one approached for it.

The reality is the superstar was always the first pick for the coveted September issue. And it’s not like the singer hasn’t done it before. Previously, Beyonce graced the 2015 September cover.

This time around, as widely reported, Wintour gave Beyonce more control. The performer was allowed to choose the photographer who shot her cover and the interview was written in Beyonce’s own words. Significantly, the fact that she’s a favorite of Vogue, and has a reason to be on its cover since she and husband Jay-Z are currently on their On the Run II Tour, is further proof that the Markle narrative is made-up.

To be sure, OK! has been very wrong about the new Duchess in the past. In October 2017, for instance, Gossip Cop debunked its cover story that maintained Markle was pregnant with Prince Harry’s baby. That was wrong 10 months ago, and so was the cover we busted five months ago that also swore up and down Markle was pregnant, and that Prince Harry was going to confirm it at the rehearsal dinner before their May 19 wedding.

Again, it’s the fertile imaginations of tabloid and blog writers that come up with these inaccurate stories about the Duchess of Sussex. Much like the past claims about her being pregnant, the quotes and premises can be changed a tad here and there, but the import is still wrong. Markle never vetoed being on the cover of Vogue. It was Beyonce’s from the start.


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