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Does Meghan Markle hate Kate Middleton enough to keep her son Archie and an unborn second child away from the Duchess of Cambridge? Gossip Cop can clear everything up.

The latest tale of royal unrest comes from Woman’s Day with a cover story exclaiming: “Pregnant Meghan’s Revenge!” The magazine spoke to “a source” who said that a new baby could soothe the tension between Middleton and Markle. “Kate loves children and regardless of the bad blood between her and Meghan, she would forgive it all in a heartbeat if she got to spend more time with darling Archie and this apparent new niece or nephew.” Markle, though allegedly “has explicitly told Harry… that neither Archie nor their next baby will ever see their English relatives again."

The tabloid never even proves Markle is pregnant at all. The best it can do to prove this point, one integral to the whole story, is that “many online commenters” think a clear plastic bag Markle was spotted holding actually holds a “trigger shot” for IVF treatment. Online commenters? Really? We’re trusting unaccountable internet commenters here? Gossip Cop has busted this tabloid before for phony pregnancy stories, as it often manufactures these pregnancies from thin air just to sell some magazines.

This Markle and Middleton rift has apparently broken Prince Harry’s heart. This same single so-called source says “deep down he must be heartbroken to know his kids won’t have the same upbringing as Kate and William’s kids.” The article concludes by saying “the real victims though, Kate says, are Archie, and Meghan and Harry’s next child.”

This tabloid did not speak to Middleton, does not prove Markle is pregnant and flat out did little to no research. Gossip Cop can debunk this phony story as nothing more than the latest attempt to make Markle look like a devil in the royal family. Did you notice how Middleton is the one who would “forgive” Markle? Or how Markle, without the duke’s blessing, is keeping the children from England?

The tabloid claims Prince Harry is heartbroken that his kids won't have the same childhood as he and his brother had, but we're not so sure there, either. Jane Goodall, a good friend of Prince Harry, recently told the Daily Mail a story about meeting Archie for the first time. She made the baby wave like the Queen and said to the Prince “I suppose he’ll have to learn this,” to which Prince Harry replied “No, he’s not growing up like that.” A personal friend of the Sussexes would certainly know better than Woman’s Day about how they want to raise their children.

Markle has been targeted by this tabloid time and again. The magazine said Markle had a meltdown on Archie’s birthday, which Gossip Cop busted as another attempt to make Markle a villain. Woman’s Day has claimed the two split up not once, not twice but at least three times. Gossip Cop has debunked them each and every time. Prince Harry is always the hero in these stories and Markle always the villain.

In their official statement about leaving the royal family, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not sound like rebels, just anxious to have their own lot in life. They said they want to raise their “son with an appreciation for the royal tradition” while also providing the “family with the space to focus on the next chapter.” There’s no malicious intent from Markle toward Middleton or anyone else in this statement. Their behavior has always been respectful, which is more than we can say for the tabloids.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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