Meghan Markle “In Tears” Over “Royal Faux Pas” Is Made-Up Story

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Meghan Markle Tears Faux Pas

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Meghan Markle Tears Faux Pas

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A story claiming Meghan Markle has been “in tears” over “scrutiny” of her supposed “royal faux pas” was made-up. As Gossip Cop has already explained, the Duchess of Sussex hasn’t really done anything wrong. Now we can bust this bogus follow-up article.

Earlier this week, some outlets drew attention to video of Markle crossing her legs for a second before transitioning into the “duchess slant,” which is said to be the preferred posture for seated women of the royal family. This was sensationalized by some outlets into a “faux pas,” but more ridiculously, HollywoodLife also accused Markle of committing a “royal faux pas” by supposedly trying to hold Prince Harry’s hand at an event. As Gossip Cop reported, there is no protocol against hand-holding, and the newlyweds have done so multiple times, including at last week’s Royal Ascot with Queen Elizabeth in attendance. But even still, the footage of Markle didn’t show her trying to take her husband’s hand, anyway.

In other words, this was a non-controversy. But now the site is claiming to know Markle’s reaction to this nonexistent scandal. According to the blog’s spin, the former actress has “run into some issues when it comes to her royal behavior.” It’s specifically alleged she was “just accused of breaking royal protocol and ‘disrespecting the queen’ when she crossed her legs at a royal engagement,” and that “shortly after, she attempted to hold Prince Harry’s hand in public — which just isn’t what the royals do.” As Gossip Cop has already explained, Markle’s legs were barely crossed for a second, and the royals are 100 percent allowed to hold hands in public. There is scores of photo evidence of this.

But to add credence to its phony narrative, the website quotes a so-called “palace insider,” who claims Markle “really beats herself up when she gets even the tiniest thing wrong.” The outlet goes on contend that these purported “faux pas” are “devastating to her,” with the questionable source even maintaining, “some days she ends up in tears.” It’s this section that proves the article is a fabrication.

If the online publication really had a “palace insider,” as asserted, it would know Markle would’ve committed no wrong if she tried to hold hands with Prince Harry in public. Additionally, any source connected to the royal family wouldn’t talk to a gossip site about the Duchess crying. But it’s long been known that the blog’s supposed “sources” and “insiders” are inauthentic. Last summer, Gossip Cop called out HollywoodLies, as it’s often called, for flip-flopping on whether or not Markle and Prince Harry were engaged. It was apparent then that the website didn’t have real insight, which became even clearer when they actually got engaged the following fall. Now it’s obvious once more that the outlet’s stories are made-up.


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