Meghan Markle Stripper Claim NOT True

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Meghan Markle Stripper Resume

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Meghan Markle Stripper Resume

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Meghan Markle’s resume does not list “stripper” or “stripping” as one of her skills, despite an erroneous report. Gossip Cop can correct this inaccurate claim. We’re told it’s simply “untrue.”

According to TMZ, Markle is “a Jill of all trades, at least according to an old acting resume that lists a VERY wide range of talents.” The site alleges that on an old resume, which was put together before her seven-season run on “Suits,” the actress allegedly wrote some “real interesting stuff” in the skills section. “Markle boasts she’s proficient in just about every sport, including baseball, golf, swimming, horseback riding, snowboarding and even baton twirling,” writes the outlet before contending she’s “also got some circus skills (juggling) and has a few miscellaneous titles… DJ, masseuse and stripper.”

After publishing that inaccurate claim, a number of other outlets picked up the story. Celeb Dirty Laundry, for example, then embellished an article that had the headline, “Queen Elizabeth Horrified: Meghan Markle’s Resume Reveals Stripping Talents.” In its completely fabricated report, based on TMZ’s false premise, the website maintained that “negative publicity” is jeopardizing Markle’s relationship with the queen. The often discredited outlet further asserted, “These are not the kind of headlines Queen Elizabeth wants to see right now,” adding without any proof that more of “Meghan’s dirty little secrets will soon be exposed.”

Let Gossip Cop set the record straight about what’s going on here. Contrary to the published contention about the actress’s past, a source close to the bride-to-be tells us the story about Markle listing “stripper” on her resume is entirely “untrue.” Tellingly, not a single U.K. outlet reported on Markle’s alleged resume “skills,” and the inaccurate article has since been removed from TMZ’s website. As for CDL, which tends to peddle fake news stories about Markle and the royal family, it simply regurgitated the erroneous claim about her “stripping” without bothering to fact-check it, and then made it worse by manufacturing the wholly fictitious angle about the queen being “horrified.”