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Is Meghan Markle really "starving herself" to lose weight before the royal wedding? That's the narrative making the rounds this week. But Gossip Cop can separate the facts from all the fiction.

The claims originate in the latest edition of Star, which dramatically deems Markle, who has always been on the fit and trim side, a "shadow of her former self." According to the tabloid, the bride-to-be "caused a stir" when she attended an Invictus Games reception with Prince Harry last month because she "couldn't hide her frail frame and pin-thin legs." It's specifically alleged that "friends and family" are now "fretting" Markle is "starving herself into emaciation." A so-called "insider" claims she has "lost a shocking amount of weight in just the last two weeks," and that she "seems obsessed with losing even more before the big day."

Unsurprisingly, the gossip magazine has a doctor who has never met or treated Markle guess, based on photos, that she's "appears to have dropped 23 pounds." The outlet claims the purported weight loss is the result of a "drastic diet" that consists of "cleansing juices" and "ice chips." The supposed source even contends, "Meghan hasn't eaten a real meal in months." But this alleged "insider" gives him- or herself away as not really being on the inside by asserting, "I hear that Harry has been begging her to have a cheat day and ease up." The phrase "I hear" indicates that this suspicious snitch doesn't actually have confirmation or first-hand knowledge.

But the publication still takes this unnamed person's word as truth, filling its article with unsubstantiated exclamations like, "Everyone is worried about her. She's just skin and bones." Yet even though the tabloid maintains Markle has "raised eyebrows" with her look, no reputable media has reported any such thing. For example, when Markle and Prince Harry went to that Invictus event in late April, People's article about the outing was merely headlined, "Meghan Markle Debuts Her Very First Royal Rewear as She Steps Out with Prince Harry." Attention was paid to the "Suits" star rewearing a particular blazer, not to her supposedly "frail frame and pin-thin legs."

Many other outlets ran similar stories that stuck to the basic facts, as opposed to concluding Markle suddenly looked too skinny. Gossip Cop suspects that this storyline about "extreme shedding before the wedding" was only concocted because around the same time as that public appearance, The Sun alleged, without evidence, that Markle's wedding dress had to be "repeatedly altered" due to weight loss. Of course, it is extremely common for women to lose weight before their nuptials and have their dresses taken in during multiple fittings. It doesn't necessarily mean one is "starving" herself.

In fact, there was no alarm expressed or concern mentioned in that original report. Rather, it was plainly asserted, "Like most brides, Meghan has been on a bit of a health kick." What's also significant is that "Entertainment Tonight" explored Markle's "healthy lifestyle" this week, but said nothing about her becoming "emaciated." Such claims can only be found at places that copied this questionable Star story without fact-checking, such as the tabloid's sister site RadarOnline and the lemmings at HollywoodLife. In contrast, Gossip Cop spent time investigating, and we also checked in with our one of our contacts at Kensington Palace, who understandably questioned, "Who are these sources?"

As a matter of policy, however, the monarchy would not officially comment, but the royal staffer with whom we spoke on the condition of anonymity strongly indicated this is yet more tabloid rubbish related to the royal family. It should be noted that Star is the same tabloid that outrageously claimed Markle was pregnant with Prince Harry's baby in 2016 (see below). The magazine has a clear history of publishing wild stories and isn't to be trusted.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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