Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Made “Soul Pact” Promising To Love Each Other For “All Eternity”?

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Meghan Markle Prince Harry Soul Pact

By Holly Nicol |

Meghan Markle Prince Harry Soul Pact

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Did Meghan Markle and Prince Harry really make a “soul pact” under a “full moon” promising to love each other for “all eternity”? That’s the bizarre claim coming from one certain tabloid. Gossip Cop can correct this report. We’re told it’s “nonsense.”

“Harry & Meghan Seal The Deal With Kooky Cosmic Contact,” Star announces in a new headline. In the accompanying story, the magazine ridiculously asserts that the couple has “made sure to declare their love to an even higher power than Queen Elizabeth.” A so-called “snitch” is then quoted as saying, “Harry and Meghan made a ‘soul pact,’ sort of a celestial promise to love each other for all eternity.” The outlet’s dubious “source” continues, claiming the pair “stood under a full moon and privately exchanged vows and declared their endless devotion.”

The gossip magazine goes on to assure its readers “not to worry,” as there’s still a “royal wedding in the works.” Further purports the publication’s questionable insider, “Harry and Meghan already consider themselves married, but they’ll definitely be making it legal and having over-the-top nuptials full of all the pomp and circumstance the world expects!”

But it’s all an astronomically bogus lie. Who is the outlet’s source? The moon, the stars? Or did the magazine just pull this out of Uranus? Of course, Star fails to provide any specific details about when or where this alleged “soul pact” occurred. What’s more, it’s rather telling how the U.S. publication is the only tabloid to seemingly report this story. That’s because it’s all made-up. A source close to the “Suits” actress tells Gossip Cop the article is complete “nonsense.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Gossip Cop has corrected the magazine for publishing inaccurate stories about the couple. For example, we debunked the tabloid earlier this month for falsely alleging in a cover story that Prince Harry and Markle were secretly engaged. Once again, Star has proven how little it really knows about Prince Harry and Markle.

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