Meghan Markle Shunning “Sexy Image” For “Conservative Royal Look”?

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Meghan Markle Sexy Style

By Shari Weiss |

Meghan Markle Sexy Style

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Meghan Markle is shunning her “sexy image” for a “conservative royal look,” according to a report. But Gossip Cop has learned that’s not exactly true. We can explain what is and isn’t going on.

Celeb Dirty Laundry writes, “Meghan Markle is shunning her sexy image for a more conservative look as she prepares to transform into a British royal princess. In fact, many royal observers couldn’t help but notice that the Hollywood actress has been covering up more as she’s adapted a new look and style that fans haven’t seen from her before.” The webloid asserts the actress is “no longer wearing above-the-knee shorts and mini dresses or taking fashion risks on the red carpet.” But Markle hasn’t posed on a red carpet since May 2016, so it’s not accurate to say she’s stopped “taking fashion risks on the red carpet” when she hasn’t even been on one.

Still, the site alleges Markle “knows that she needs to make a few major lifestyle changes” and has “toned down her look, according to Queen Elizabeth’s royal fashion rulebook.” The outlet goes on to contend, “Her Majesty has a ‘no knees’ policy and apparently, Meghan has applied it in her everyday wardrobe. In other words, she’s ditched all of her shorts and skirts from her closet.” Actually, Gossip Cop is told Markle hasn’t thrown any of her belongings out. Furthermore, the online publication is giving the false impression that she must be covered up to all times to be a member of the royal family. That’s just not true.

Earlier this year, Kate Middleton wore a dress that showed her bare knees. And last year she donned a knee-baring skirt, too. Even back in 2012, after she and Prince William had already wed, the Duchess of Cambridge wore dresses on a tour of Asia that exposed her cleavage and knees. Clearly, royal family members are allowed to show skin. That said, women are expected to show decorum and dress appropriately for various events. If Markle does marry into the monarchy, she will have to abide by certain standards.

But it is simply wrong for the webloid to claim she’s already dressing differently on red carpets, when she hasn’t been on one, and also wrong to assert she can’t show her knees, when Middleton has on multiple occasions. Lastly, the notion that one can’t dress conservatively and look sexy at the same time is ridiculous. Middleton, for instance, has dressed up in eye-catching gowns for state dinners and movie premieres alike, showing that stunning style needn’t be sacrificed as part of royal life.

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